The solar industry approaches a ‘new frontier’ in the California desert

by Sammy Roth, Palm Springs Desert Sun A long-awaited energy revolution is beginning to take shape in the vast open deserts of Southern California. Riverside County is already home to four sprawling solar power plants, stretching across thousands of acres of desert between Palm Springs and the Arizona border. Now three developers have proposed building […]

Pairing wind + solar for cheaper, 24-hour renewable energy

by Dan Gearino, InsideClimate News Along a country road east of Lima, Ohio, a company is preparing to build one of the world’s largest renewable energy projects that pairs wind and solar to create a hybrid power source. It’s a rare combination now, but one that’s expected to become more common because of its potential […]

California today: An additional fund for solar power

by Ivan Penn and Inyoung Kang, The New York Times With a measure signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, the state has made a new commitment of $800 million for clean-energy technologies including home storage. The goal is to capture electricity generated by solar panels during daylight hours to help keep the lights on after the […]

Election 2018: Clean energy’s future could rise or fall with these governor’s races

by Marianne Lavelle and Dan Gearino, InsideClimate News Some of the most consequential elections for climate policy this fall could be the 36 governor’s races, where a blue wave could position clean energy advocates as a significant counterforce against the Trump administration’s fossil fuel agenda. Republicans currently hold a near-record 33 governorships—a lock on power […]

Demand for solar-storage systems explodes in Puerto Rico

by Maria Gallucci, Spectrum When I first met Gabriel Rivera last year in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the engineer was driving around with solar panels in his car. Hurricane Maria had ravaged the island on 20 September 2017 and knocked out the entire grid. Rivera was building household emergency kits, consisting of a solar panel […]

The Solar Sonoma County community celebrates 10 years.

Solar Sonoma County celebrates 10 years of making solar happen!

What better time than a 10-year anniversary to take solar to the next level at the Center for Climate Protection? And what better place to do it than in Sonoma County, which ranked 13th for 2016 among the nation’s metropolitan areas based on the number of solar-related jobs. We at Solar Sonoma County feel honored […]

Research predicts wind and solar could green the Sahara

by Jason Deign, Greentech Media Installing large-scale wind and solar projects in the Sahara could increase rainfall and help the desert bloom, according to research released this month. The U.S.-led study used a climate model to show how renewable infrastructure could change local weather patterns in deserts. The research showed large-scale solar and wind installations […]

Solar energy largely unscathed by Hurricane Florence’s wind and rain

by Dan Gearino, InsideClimate News Faced with Hurricane Florence’s powerful winds and record rainfall, North Carolina’s solar farms held up with only minimal damage while other parts of the electricity system failed, an outcome that solar advocates hope will help to steer the broader energy debate. North Carolina has more solar power than any state […]

Solar with batteries cheaper than gas in parts of U.S. Southwest

by Brian Eckhouse, Bloomberg Natural gas-fired power plants will be facing more price competition from solar farms in some parts of the U.S. as falling battery costs make it possible to deliver electricity produced from sunshine even after dark. Solar projects that incorporate storage are becoming cheaper to build per megawatt-hour in parts of the […]

Germany kicking off home solar battery boom as prices drop

by Brian Parkin, Bloomberg Solar battery sales in Germany are poised to boom as prices for the facilities continue to drop and homeowners turn to generate their own electricity to shield against rising power prices, the BSW solar lobby said. Total solar battery installs in Germany exceeded 100,000 units this summer and at the current […]