The world’s largest solar farm rises in the remote Egyptian desert

by Rachel Scheier, LA Times In 1913 on the outskirts of Cairo, an inventor from Philadelphia named Frank Shuman built the world’s first solar thermal power station, using the abundant Egyptian sunshine to pump 6,000 gallons of water a minute from the Nile to irrigate a nearby cotton field. World War I and the discovery […]

Rise of net zero energy homes could boost utility-led community solar

by Herman K. Trabish, Utility Dive The newest partnership to come from the rise of distributed generation could be between utilities and new home developers. Customer demand for distributed energy resources (DER) has already created new partnerships for utilities with their customers and with DER providers. Policies to support state climate and clean energy goals […]

Why are solar trees popping up all over? Thank 20,000 South Florida families

by Lois K. Solomon, South Florida Sun Sentinel Get ready for some unusual plants to start popping up outside public sites all over South Florida. Zoos, museums, airports and parks will be home to 24-foot-high “trees,” or curvy green tubes with solar panels on top. Other sites will get solar canopies, designed to resemble a […]

Solar industry reeling from tariffs

by Jim Puzzanghera and Don Lee, Los Angeles Times A 30 percent U.S. tariff on imported solar panels put in place last winter should have caused prices here to jump. But when tariffs are unleashed, as businesses are learning, things don’t always go as expected. Therein lies a cautionary tale of the uncertainty in store […]

Solar is saving low-income households money in Colorado. It could be a national model.

by Dan Gearino, Insideclimate News Low-income households in Colorado are getting a new question during visits from energy assistance agencies: Have you considered solar panels? It’s an innovative approach to solving two challenges at once: reducing greenhouse gas emissions as the effects of climate change appear across the state, and lowering low-income families’ electricity bills. […]

US solar industry gets boost with new IRS guidance

by Lulia Gheorghiu, Utility Dive Dive Brief: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued guidance on Friday, establishing that solar developers who invest at least 5% of the total expected installation cost of a project by the end of 2019 will qualify for a 30% investment tax credit (ITC). The 2015 law that established the credit […]

How Georgia became a top 10 solar state, with lawmakers barely lifting a finger

by James Bruggers, InsideClimate News Over the past five years, Georgia has become one of the nation’s leading states for solar power, but it didn’t get there in the usual way. It doesn’t offer tax credits, and the legislature has never created a state renewable portfolio standard requiring utilities to sell renewable energy. There is […]

Free power from freeways? China is testing roads paved with solar panels

by Keith Bradsher, The New York Times JINAN, China — On a smoggy afternoon, huge log carriers and oil tankers thundered down a highway and hurtled around a curve at the bottom of a hill. Only a single, unreinforced guardrail stood between the traffic and a ravine. The route could make for tough driving under […]

China’s dramatic solar shift could take sting out of Trump’s panel tariffs

by Nicholas Kusnetz, InsideClimate News The American solar market may be about to get boost from an unexpected source: Energy analysts say the Chinese government’s decision to dramatically cut its solar power subsidies will create a glut of solar panels and send their prices tumbling worldwide. It comes at a crucial time for American solar […]

Solar farm outside Joshua Tree National Park gets go-ahead from Trump Administration

by Sammy Roth, The Desert Sun In at least one area, President Trump is picking up right where President Obama left off. The Interior Department said Thursday it plans to approve the Palen solar farm, which would be built on public lands just south of Joshua Tree National Park, in the open desert east of […]