Riverside County solar project scores $131-million deal with Central Valley farm district

by Sammy Roth, The Desert Sun California Gov. Jerry Brown couldn’t get a 100 percent renewable energy mandate across the finish line in Sacramento this month, and the Trump administration is eyeing protectionist trade policies that critics say would drive up the price of solar panels. But despite those headwinds, clean energy is still a […]

US celebrates record 29% drop in utility-scale solar costs — but tariff cloud looms

by Tiny Casey, Clean Technica First, The Good News About Solar The record-breaking news for utility-scale solar was impressive considering that the cost of solar has already been declining steadily for years. To be clear, the biggest news was confined to the utility-scale sector. However, residential and commercial solar installations continued their long-term slide, racking […]

Landmark California bill for 100% clean energy unexpectedly put on hold until next year

by Sammy Roth, The Desert Sun California lawmakers will go home for the year without voting on a landmark renewable energy bill, in an unexpected setback for the state’s efforts to lead the world in fighting climate change. The bill would have required California to get 60 percent of its electricity from renewable sources like […]

Montana quadruples solar energy capacity in one year

by Erin Loranger, Independent Record The state quadrupled its solar energy production over the past year, according to an announcement by Lt. Gov Mike Cooney on Friday. Montana was producing 6.6 megawatts of installed capacity a year ago. The governor’s office released an energy plan, Montana Energy Future, with a goal to double solar capacity by […]

Duke Energy to invest $6B for solar, batteries and EVs, scrap nuclear plant plans

by Jeff St. John, Greentech Media Florida is set to get a lot more solar power and grid batteries — in exchange for losing a future nuclear power plant. On Tuesday, Duke Energy Florida filed a revised settlement that lays out a four-year, nearly $6 billion investment into 700 megawatts of solar PV, 50 megawatts […]

Presenting “State of solar energy in Sonoma County: Paths to accelerate adoption” a new Center white paper

“A confluence of technological and policy forces is dramatically transforming the way energy is generated, managed, delivered, and used.” So begins one of the recent studies commissioned by Sonoma Clean Power and produced by the Center for Climate Protection “State of Solar Energy in Sonoma County: Paths to Accelerate Adoption.” The study, lead-authored by energy […]

Solar panel

Solar’s trillion dollar market is driven by electric vehicles, microgrids, & storage cost parity

by Giles Parkinson, Clean Technica Demand for solar is expected to surge over coming years, but its growth rate could effectively double if there is rapid uptake of electric vehicles, and as more companies turn to the technology to save energy costs, and more countries reach solar and storage “parity” with grid prices. A new report […]

Rooftop Solar

In solar scuffle, big utilities meet their match

by Elizabeth Shogren, High Country News Near the end of 2005, Louise Helton had one of those life-changing moments that usually only happen in Hollywood movies. Friends had invited her to join Nevada movers and shakers in an ostentatiously decorated Las Vegas casino ballroom to hear former President Bill Clinton speak. He challenged the audience […]

Wind and solar power are saving Americans an astounding amount of money

by David Roberts, Vox Wind and solar power are subsidized by just about every major country in the world, either directly or indirectly through tax breaks, mandates, and regulations. The main rationale for these subsidies is that wind and solar produce, to use the economic term of art, “positive externalities” — benefits to society that […]

Solar World facility

Suniva & Solarworld Section 201 solar trade raises fears of Trump’s protectionism

by Joshua S. Hill, Clean Technica Hearings for the much-hyped and controversial Section 201 trade case filed with the US International Trade Commission by Suniva and SolarWorld began this week, further raising fears that if Donald Trump is brought into the equation, the US solar industry may suffer. The first public hearings held by the […]