Free power from freeways? China is testing roads paved with solar panels

by Keith Bradsher, The New York Times JINAN, China — On a smoggy afternoon, huge log carriers and oil tankers thundered down a highway and hurtled around a curve at the bottom of a hill. Only a single, unreinforced guardrail stood between the traffic and a ravine. The route could make for tough driving under […]

China’s dramatic solar shift could take sting out of Trump’s panel tariffs

by Nicholas Kusnetz, InsideClimate News The American solar market may be about to get boost from an unexpected source: Energy analysts say the Chinese government’s decision to dramatically cut its solar power subsidies will create a glut of solar panels and send their prices tumbling worldwide. It comes at a crucial time for American solar […]

Solar farm outside Joshua Tree National Park gets go-ahead from Trump Administration

by Sammy Roth, The Desert Sun In at least one area, President Trump is picking up right where President Obama left off. The Interior Department said Thursday it plans to approve the Palen solar farm, which would be built on public lands just south of Joshua Tree National Park, in the open desert east of […]

California will require solar panels on all new homes. That’s not necessarily a good thing

by David Roberts, Vox The California Energy Commission (CEC) recently voted 5-0 to add some new provisions to the state’s building code. Among them is the requirement that as of 2020, all new house and multi-family residences of three stories or fewer, along with all major renovations, must be built with solar panels. Where solar […]

State of North Carolina forbids church from buying cheaper solar power from their own rooftop

by Dan Gearino, Insideclimate News A North Carolina environmental group that tried to challenge the state’s utility monopoly by installing solar panels on the roof of a predominantly African-American church and selling the church cheap, clean power has lost its appeal to the state’s highest court. Advocates say they are disappointed in the ruling, but […]

Renewable Energy employs 10.3 million people, solar PV leads charge with 3.4 million jobs

by Marija Djordjevic, PV Magazine Good news has come in for both renewables and the economy, as the number of jobs in the renewable energy sector continues to rise on the back of a strong growth in Asia. According to the latest figures released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the clean energy industry […]

California to require solar panels on most new homes

by Jon Fingas, Engadget There’s no question that solar power is entering the mainstream, but California is about to give it a giant boost. The state’s Energy Commission is expected to approve new energy standards that would require solar panels on the roofs of nearly all new homes, condos and apartment buildings from 2020 onward. […]

Tesla built the world’s biggest battery. This one could be three times bigger.

by Sammy Roth, The Desert Sun An energy company wants to build another huge solar farm in the open desert east of Palm Springs — and maybe the world’s biggest battery. The Crimson solar project would span 2,500 acres of public lands south of Interstate 10 in eastern Riverside County, at the base of the […]

The biggest solar parks in the world are now being built in India

by Shashank Bengali, LA Times Weeds poke listlessly from the flat, rocky earth as the temperature climbs to the mid-90s. On a cloudless March afternoon, the blue horizon stretches out uninterrupted, as if even birds are too weary to fly. On this unforgiving patch of southern India, millions of silver-gray panels glimmer in the sun, […]

A powerful mix of solar and batteries is beating natural gas

by Chris Martin and Mark Chediak, Bloomberg Natural gas is getting edged out of power markets across the U.S. by two energy sources that, together, are proving to be an unbeatable mix: solar and batteries. In just the latest example, First Solar Inc. won a power contract to supplyArizona’s biggest utility when electricity demand on […]