Our work approach is to find strategic leverage points through policy to remove barriers to climate protection at the speed and scale that science tells us is required. We partner with opinion leaders and institutions across sectors, acknowledging that we are all part of the problem and that we need everyone to be part of the solution. By taking a comprehensive approach, we create synergies and complementary action on climate protection, which amplifies our impact.

Community Choice

The Center for Climate Protection is working to spread the adoption of Community Choice Energy throughout California. We successfully advocated for and incubated the development of Sonoma Clean Power, which began serving customers in January 2014. In its first year, it has exceeded all expectations of customers served, GHGs reduced, and money saved by consumers.

Solar Energy

In 2015, Solar Sonoma County merged with the Center for Climate Protection. Solar Sonoma is the county’s top advocate for solar expansion, operating two primary programs: Clean Energy Advocate and Certified Local.

Youth Climate Leadership

Our ECO2school program is an award-winning youth leadership development program, prepares the next generation to address the climate crisis. Since 2005, ECO2school has been training students to lead projects that promote healthy living, safe commutes, biking, walking, transit ridership, traffic decongestion, and improved air quality for the entire community.


Working with our partners, we are focused on accelerating EV adoption and advancing policies and practices that make it easier and more affordable to drive EVs. We also support efforts to expand carpooling, car-sharing, and a better, safer system of bike routes.

Business for Clean Energy

Our Business for Clean Energy (BCE) program promotes businesses that advance green innovative solutions by highlighting their inspiring examples. We provide year-round networking and co-branding opportunities for our partners.

Powerful Carbon Pricing

One of the most important things we can do to reduce emissions is to insure that the price of fossil fuels reflects the true cost the source of energy has on the environment and the economy.  We work at the state and national levels for an effective and fair price on carbon.


Through the years we have written a number of technical reports to help agencies and communities plan for emissions reduction.


Since our founding, we’ve aspired to create and implement solutions that are so inspiring that they spread across the nation. We are committed to continuing and accelerating Sonoma County’s role as a green solutions incubator. Our job now is to enlist more committed players into the quest for green solutions, and to press harder to accelerate action that results in significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.

Sonoma Clean Power launches May 2014

We’re working to expand distributed rooftop solar

Our quarterly BCE breakfasts offer resource sharing opportunities to accelerate the clean energy economy

Our reports contribute new knowledge to the climate conversation from the perspective of community action