To learn how you can experience the high power and zero emissions of an electric vehicle, contact Doron Amiran at doron@climateprotection.org.

Electric Vehicles are:

  • Powerful
  • Easier to fuel (charge) than gas cars
  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Clean

Electric vehicles (EVs) offer one of the biggest opportunities to address GHG emissions from transportation, and will help strengthen both the local environment and economy.   The Center for Climate Protection offers resources for EV buyers and sellers to accelerate the transportation sector’s shift away from fossil fuels. Working with our partners, we are advancing policies and practices that make it easier and more affordable to drive EVs.

Transportation in Sonoma County is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for about 65 percent of total emissions in 2014. Nearly four out of five trips made in Sonoma County are by single occupant, fossil fuel powered automobiles. Approximately $850 million leaves the County annually to pay for the fossil fuel that powers our vehicles.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation is a major goal for planning agencies and local governments committed to creating a greener future. We are working to heighten those efforts by supporting the leap from traditional to transformational solutions. We are planning for a transportation transformation that truly meets our needs to reduce greenhouse gases and create sustainable communities in Sonoma County and beyond.  In 2013, Governor Brown set a goal for 1 million EVs to be sold in California by 2023.

In August 2015, the Center released a white paper on Electric Vehicles (EVs) describing Sonoma County’s status and progress in adopting electric vehicles (EVs). It also identifies the greatest opportunities to accelerate the transition to an electric-powered transportation system.



Beyond Combustion, Electric vehicle trends, goals and recommendations for Sonoma County by Doron Amiran of the Center for Climate Protection