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Electric Vehicles are:

  • Powerful
  • Easier to fuel (charge) than gas cars
  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Clean

Electric vehicles (EVs) offer one of the biggest opportunities to address GHG emissions from transportation, and will help strengthen both the local environment and the economy. The Center for Climate Protection offers resources for EV buyers and sellers to accelerate the transportation sector’s shift away from fossil fuels. Working with our partners, we are advancing policies and practices that make it easier and more affordable to drive EVs. And we are seeing results. Here in Santa Rosa where we are incubating solutions, we have the highest percent increase in EV sales in the Bay Area (see graph below) from 2016 to 2017. Furthermore, because many EV drivers buy electricity from their local Community Choice Energy agency, when they plug in their cars, they are keeping their money in the local economy instead of sending it out to oil companies. We are learning a lot about the benefits of EV programs at the local level and now we want to share these lessons throughout California and beyond.

We have also recently collaborated on a tool to help people who wish to buy an EV. It is an EV knowledge base where you can ask your questions about EVs and get answers. Click here to ask a question>>

Legislation is a key to getting gasoline cars off the road. In 2013, Governor Brown set a goal for 1 million EVs to be sold in California by 2023 and we hope to see more binding legislation moving forward. In 2017 we supported Clean Cars legislation (AB1745) to move California beyond dirty fuels for our vehicles. While the measure did not pass in the California legislature, we continue to advocate for policy solutions at the state level while also supporting local programs and measures to help people make the switch to cleaner cars.

EV 101

EV 101 is your resource for easy-to-understand information answering your questions about electric vehicles.



Beyond Combustion, Electric vehicle trends, goals and recommendations for Sonoma County by Doron Amiran of the Center for Climate Protection