Where Americans (mostly) agree on climate change policies, in five maps

by Nadja Popovich, NY Times Americans are politically divided over climate change, but there’s broader consensus around some of the solutions. New data from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication – in partnership with Utah State University and the University of California, Santa Barbara – show how Americans across the country view climate and […]

South Bronx teens get creative about climate change

by Paola Rosa-Aquino, Grist On a recent fall afternoon in the South Bronx, a cadre of high schoolers, teenagers, and community members carefully applied colorful splotches of paint to an empty brick wall overlooking International Community High School. Stroke by stroke, their designs began to form: long, green grass. A blazing yellow sun. And to […]

The science of what makes people care

by Ann Christiano & Annie Neimand, Stanford Social Innovation Review On March 10, 1748, John Newton, a 22-year-old English seaman who had worked in the slave trade, was traveling home on a merchant ship after a series of misadventures, including being captured and enslaved in Sierra Leone. On that day, a violent storm struck just […]

Tangier Island and Island Earth

I was about ten or eleven years old in the early 1970s when I visited Tangier Island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay with my family. It left quite an impression. We walked the neighborhood streets, visited the crab, oyster, clam and fishing docks, and stopped in to a few shops before finding a […]

States begged EPA to stop cross-state coal plant pollution. Wheeler just refused.

by Marianne Lavelle, InsideClimate News Delaware and Maryland have been pleading for years with the Environmental Protection Agency to help address the smog pollution they say is blowing across their borders from coal-fired power plants in other states and making their residents sick. The Trump EPA just said no. The 111-page notice of denial from […]

National teachers group confronts climate denial: Keep the politics out of science class

by Phil Mckenna, InsideClimate News In response to what it sees as increasing efforts to undermine the teaching of climate science, the nation’s largest science teachers association took the unusual step Thursday of issuing a formal position statement in support of climate science education. In its position statement, the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) calls […]

How to convince someone global warming is real? Play this game

by James Rainey, NBC News Many people see climate change as too big and daunting a problem to even think about fixing. Others are unconvinced that it’s a problem at all. Scientists issue urgent calls to action, but, often, people are unmoved. Now, researchers say they have found one thing that increases motivation to battle […]

A matter of life and death’: Financing that gets energy resilience to low-income communities that need it the most

by Jeff Fromuth, SEPA Power When power went out across Puerto Rico a year ago during Hurricane Maria, the lights stayed on at Casa Pueblo, a grassroots environmental nonprofit in the small mountain town of Adjuntas. People who had lost electricity came to the center for news and to charge their phones and, in some […]

Rev. William Barber at Moral Mondays rally

A leader in the war on poverty opens a new front: Pollution

by Kendra Pierre-Louis, NY Times GREENSBORO, N.C. — The air in the Shiloh Baptist Church was thick with the heat of human bodies. The crowd, a mix of black and white faces, filled the pews in what was ostensibly the black side of town, straining the capacity of this good-sized church. On the dais stood […]

Rio Grande river

In a warming world, the fight for water can push nations apart or bring them together

by Naveena Sadasivam, Zoë Schlanger, Daniel Wolfe, and David Yanofsky, Texas Observer The Rio Grande Valley of Texas is one of the fastest-growing places in the United States. Already hot and arid, and growing hotter, the booming, heavily Latino region depends almost entirely on the shriveling Rio Grande for water. Considered one of the most […]