Kids in 123 countries went on strike to protect the climate

by Eliza Barclay and Kainaz Amaria, Vox An estimated 1.4 million young people in 123 countries skipped school Friday to demand stronger climate policies in what may be one of the largest environmental protests in history. “This movement had to happen, we didn’t have a choice,” wrote the Swedish activist and strike leader Greta Thunberg […]

How a 7th-grader’s strike against climate change exploded into a movement

by Sarah Kaplan, Washington Post On the ninth Friday of her strike, 13-year-old Alexandria Villasenor wakes to a dozen emails, scores of Twitter notifications and good news from the other side of the planet: Students in China want to join her movement. Every week since December, the seventh-grader has made a pilgrimage to the United […]

Re-thinking personal travel plans: a no fly zone

On December 20, 2018, my wife and I watched an interview of fifteen year-old Greta Thunberg and her TED talk about the climate crisis. In the moments afterward, we realized that we could no longer justify flying. The power of this young person’s voice is overwhelming. If you have not listened yet to Greta’s TED […]

CCP’s Maddie Maffia talks about her research and the importance of science communication.

Below is a blog by Maddie Maffia, the Center’s Communications intern who helps with our enews. We are so grateful for Maddie’s commitment both to getting the enews out on time and for her commitment to climate protection. Here is an update on her recent studies as they relate to climate science. _____________________________________________________________ As my […]

A huge climate change movement led by teenage girls is sweeping Europe. And it’s coming to the US next.

by J. Lester Feder, Zahra Hirji, and Pascale Mueller, BuzzFeed News A huge student protest movement led almost exclusively by teenage girls and young women is sweeping Europe, and it’s on the brink of breaking through in the US. So far this year, tens of thousands of high school–age students in Belgium, Germany, and Sweden […]

New governors target climate change from day one in vulnerable great lakes region

by Dan Gearino, InsideClimate News Climate change poses risks to the economy and identity of a Great Lakes landscape, much of it defined by bountiful farms, pine forests and clear waters. But political leaders haven’t always treated it that way. That’s starting to change as a wave of new governors and attorneys general take office […]

Americans increasingly say climate change is happening now

by Marianne Lavelle, InsideClimate News Nearly half of Americans say people in the United States are being harmed by global warming “right now”—the highest point ever in a decade-long national survey called Climate Change in the American Mind. The climate communications researchers who conducted the survey believe the results released Tuesday mark a shift in […]

New hope for action: key Republican climate attitudes shift

by ecoAmerica Writers, ecoAmerica As we begin the new year, many are wondering whether 2019 will mark a turning point for climate action. While the issue has been plagued by partisan divide, ecoAmerica’s new research has found hopeful year over year shifts in attitudes, particularly among Republicans who are becoming increasingly aware, concerned, and supportive […]

8 percent of Americans recently changed their minds on climate.

by Kate Yoder, Grist For some people, the awakening comes in science class. In the Reddit thread titled “Former climate change deniers, what changed your mind?” the most popular comment comes from chucklesthe2nd (probably not his real name). Chuck, as we’ll call him, essentially inherited his dad’s views on climate change. “I grew up actively […]

The Green New Deal has strong bipartisan support among registered voters

by Abel Gustafson, Seth Rosenthal, Anthony Leiserowitz, Edward Maibach, John Kotcher, Matthew Ballew and Matthew Goldberg, Yale Program on Climate Communication Some members of Congress are proposing a “Green New Deal” for the U.S. They say that a Green New Deal will produce jobs and strengthen America’s economy by accelerating the transition from fossil fuels […]