Coal left Appalachia devastated. Now it’s doing the same to Wyoming.

by David Roberts, Vox Wyoming is facing a potential crisis. Coal mines have shut down, hundreds of people are out of work, unemployment offices are overwhelmed, and there appears to be worse to come. The coal industry, long seen as a friend and economic linchpin in the state, is falling apart, and the very communities […]

Teen activists face US government in crucial hearing over climate trial

by Lee van der Voo, The Guardian Twenty-one youth activists faced off with the US government in an Oregoncourthouse on Tuesday, where their attorneys petitioned a panel of judges to let their climate case go to trial. Until it does, their attorneys argued, fossil fuel development should be halted on public lands. The case of […]

Nature in worst shape in human history with 1 million species at risk of extinction, massive UN report warns

by Doyle Rice, USA Today Mother Nature is under attack. In a sweeping, first-of-its-kind report, the United Nations on Monday said that more species now are threatened with extinction than at any time in human history, and that the exploding human population has severely altered the Earth’s land, ocean and freshwater regions. “While the planetary […]

Burger King’s Impossible Whopper arrives in the San Francisco Bay Area

By Chris Albrecht, The Spoon Burger King’s Impossible Whopper will arrive at more than 100 of its locations across the San Francisco Bay Area today, according to various reports. This is the first West Coast arrival of BK’s hip, meatless burger, and part of the fast food chain’s national expansion of the Impossible Whopper after […]

Pentagon fears confirmed: Climate change leads to more wars and refugees

by Jonathan Tirone, Bloomberg The most comprehensive study done to assess the link between climate change, war and migration has confirmed that the warming planet is fueling conflicts that lead to more refugees. The conclusions published Wednesday in a scientific journal underscore the rising levels of anxiety that global warming has among leaders. Attendees at […]

Government shutdown may facilitate Keystone pipeline

by Karl Puckett, Great Falls Tribune The developer of the Keystone XL Pipeline is asking a Montana judge to stay his order blocking construction while it appeals his decision to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. “Absent a stay of the permanent injunction, TransCanada will continue to suffer irreparable harm,” TransCanada writes in a motion […]

5 election winners to watch on climate as environment crusaders head to Congress

by Marianne Lavelle, InsideClimate News Capitol Hill is about to get an injection of environmental and climate activism. The freshman class of the 116th Congress—in addition to including an historic number of women and being one of the most ethnically and racially diverse—will have a striking number of members who have been environmental crusaders. With […]

Judge blocks Keystone XL pipeline, says climate impact can’t be ignored

by Phil Mckenna, InsideClimate News A federal judge in Montana on Thursday blocked all further work on the Keystone XL pipeline, saying the Trump administration had failed to justify its decision to reverse a prior decision by the Obama administration and to approve the tar sands oil delivery project. It was a striking victory for […]

What’s at stake in Brazil’s election? The future of the Amazon

by Somini Sengupta, NY Times The presidential election in Brazil will not only shape the destiny of Latin America’s largest country. It is also a referendum on the fate of the Amazon: the world’s largest tropical forest, sometimes known as the lungs of the Earth. The stakes for the planet are huge. The front-runner for […]

Trump’s import tariffs will make U.S. wind power more expensive

by Jim Efstathiou Jr, Bloomberg President Donald Trump’s trade war won’t wreck the U.S. wind industry, but it will raise the cost of power. Tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese imports, as well as on metals from Europe and elsewhere, could raise the cost of wind power in the U.S. by as much as 10 […]