White House raises official Hurricane Florence death toll to -17

by The Onion Proclaiming that the government’s rescue efforts have brought several U.S. citizens into the world, the White House announced Monday that the official Hurricane Florence death toll had been raised to -17. “Thanks to President Trump’s incredible hurricane response team, the population of North and South Carolina is actually skyrocketing, with over a […]

The next major innovation in batteries might be here

by Akshat Rathi, Quartz Lithium-ion batteries were first introduced to the public in a Sony camcorder in 1991. Then they revolutionized our lives. The versatile batteries now power everything from tiny medical implants and smartphones to forklifts and expensive electric cars. And yet, lithium-ion technology still isn’t powerful enough to fully displace gasoline-powered cars or […]

In India, summer heat may soon be literally unbearable

by Somini Sengupta, NY Times NEW DELHI — On a sweltering Wednesday in June, a rail-thin woman named Rehmati gripped the doctor’s table with both hands. She could hardly hold herself upright, the pain in her stomach was so intense. She had traveled for 26 hours in a hot oven of a bus to visit […]

Tropical forests suffered near-record tree losses in 2017

by Brad Plumer, The NY Times In Brazil, forest fires set by farmers and ranchers to clear land for agriculture raged out of control last year, wiping out more than 3 million acres of trees as a severe drought gripped the region. Those losses undermined Brazil’s recent efforts to protect its rain forests. In Colombia, […]

America’s tree sitters risk lives on the front line

by Drew Philp, The Guardian Way out in the Appalachian hills, on the line between Virginia and West Virginia, after an hour-long backwoods hike up Peters Mountain, an orderly clutch of tents were surrounded by a plastic yellow ribbon that read, “police line do not cross”. Past that, a woman sat on top of a […]

She was naming lawmakers who took oil-and-gas money — so they barred her from the public hearing

by Avi Selk, The Washington Post Video of a little-known candidate for a statehouse seat in West Virginia went viral over the weekend after she was forcibly removed from a hearing for reciting a list of oil-and-gas donations to lawmakers’ campaigns. Here is her story. You don’t run for the statehouse in rural West Virginia […]

Trump omits key military priority from National Security Strategy: climate change

by Sammy Roth, USA TODAY President Donald Trump snubbed his own military leadership when he unveiled a National Security Strategy that says nothing about how the United States will address security threats posed by climate change. Administration officials billed the 68-page document made public Monday as a comprehensive vision for making America safer. Trump in […]

Pope calls out climate deniers in wake of Hurricane Irma, Harvey

by Marianne Lavelle, InsideClimate News With the lives of Texans and Floridians upended by back-to-back superstorms, one thing hasn’t been shaken: climate change denial. Hurricane Harvey, which broke the continental U.S. rainfall record with its deluge of southeast Texas, and Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful tropical cyclones ever recorded, epitomize the consensus science […]

Florida power & light shuttered its 2 nuclear power plants ahead of Hurricane Irma landfall

by James Ayre, Clean Technica The two nuclear facilities in question — the Turkey Point plant and the St Lucie plant — together provide enough electricity to power around 1.9 million regional homes (electricity use in Florida is quite high, owing to air conditioning). Both of the facilities are located along Florida’s Atlantic Coast — each […]

Irma, Harvey reveal ‘massive national security risks’

by Sherri Goodman, CNBC  Even as emergency management officials in Texas scramble to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey, they acknowledge that they were unprepared for the scope and strength of the storm, which was made more severe by the effects of climate change. The widespread destruction in Houston shows that the changing climate is a direct threat […]