Hope for California’s waiver? The Trump Administration flunked its math homework

by Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic One of the White House’s most consequential environmental rollbacks may be in self-inflicted legal danger. In trying to freeze gas-mileage rules for new cars and trucks, Trump officials have hit an unusually damaging snag: They seem to have messed up their math homework. The Trump administration’s official case for repealing […]

GM, Honda uneasy about Trump plan to dump fuel-economy rules

by Ryan Beene and John Lippert, Bloomberg Two of the biggest automakers and California officials are pushing back on the Trump administration’s proposed rollback of U.S. fuel economy standards. In filings due Friday, General Motors Co. plans to propose that instead of opposing California’s so-called zero emission vehicle sales mandate, federal regulators should instead embrace […]

One of the fast charging stations along the way

Taking my Leaf to the pines – with a robust network of chargers

When I leased my 2017 Nissan Leaf, I figured that for longer trips, I would rent a car and would still come out ahead in terms of money because of the good deal I got on the Leaf and the fact that I don’t take many long trips (several new EV models have longer range). […]

Denmark embraces electric, moves to ban diesel & gas

by Mark Kane, Inside EVs Denmark’s government surprises with a bold announcement to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2030, which would be quicker than some other countries (UK and France hints at a 2040 deadline). But that’s not the whole story. Denmark would like to get rid of hybrid cars and is […]

For now, at least, the world isn’t making enough batteries

by Brian Eckhouse, Bloomberg Evidence of the battery-powered era is all around us. Electric vehicles are cruising down our freeways. Household appliances thrum with stored solar energy that was until recently a daytime-only power source. Governments from California to China and South Korea—even Donald Trump’s Washington—have taken steps that will make battery power more ubiquitous. […]

Destiny Rodriguez at the SAFE hearing in Fresno, Sept. 2018

Testifying in Fresno at the public hearing on watering down vehicle emissions standards

I woke Monday morning feeling poorly. My nose was stuffed, my eyes irritated and runny, my chest in pain. These are the effects of residual unhealthy air quality from the last week. Despite the fact most of the larger fires have been contained in the surrounding area, the heat from the Valley bakes the already […]

The Center’s electric vehicle survey well-received at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco

by Isabella Burch, Center for Climate Protection On September 12, Ann Hancock, Jock Gilchrist, and I had the great honor of participating in a panel discussion entitled “Gas/Diesel Car Phaseouts: Global Strategy To End Gasoline Use”. This was an affiliate event for the larger Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. Hosted by Coltura and […]

States, cities and companies unveil a frenzy of new electric vehicle commitments

by Jeff St. John, Greentech Media The electricity sector is changing quickly. But transportation is making up a bigger share of carbon emissions — which means that zero-carbon commitments like California’s will have to tackle the mass electrification of cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles. The companies competing for the future market in replacing gas […]

How batteries went from primitive power to global domination

by Brian Eckhouse, Dimitrios Pogkas, and Mark Chediak, Bloomberg For an energy source that’s been around for three decades, the lithium-ion battery is only just hitting its stride. It’s worked its way up from primitive cellular phones to cameras and laptops before entering everyone’s pockets inside smartphones. But only now that the electric car has […]

California bill seeks reduced emissions for Uber, Lyft Vehicles

by Betsy Lillian, NGT News On Friday, the California state legislature passed a bill that would increase the uptake of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) deployed by ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft. Introduced by State Sen. Nancy Skinner, S.B.1014 would direct the California Air Resources Board and the California Public Utilities Commission to adopt and […]