County Center Charging Stations

The County of Sonoma launches new EV charging price plan for public charge stations

by David Worthington, Fleet Manager, County of Sonoma Sonoma County has lead the way in developing electric vehicle (EV) charging station infrastructure to support the adoption and growth of EV’s.  The first publicly accessible charging stations were installed in 2009 and now there are over 250 stations with 363 charging ports throughout the County.  The release […]

California’s car culture is slowing the state’s emissions cuts

by Nicholas Kusnetz, InsideClimate News California has been a model for the nation when it comes to cutting climate-warming emissions without sacrificing economic growth, but a new report shows that the state’s car culture is presenting a challenge to continuing progress. Even as fuel efficiency has improved and electric cars have begun catching on, Californians as […]

Do you hear the death rattle for combustion engines?

Changes are coming to the world of driving. Massive changes. Changes so massive, in fact, that the way we move, and the power that moves us, could be so different in twenty years that those born then will look back at our era of combustion-powered motor vehicles, driven by people (yes, those sleepy, distracted people), […]

Electric Drive

EVs (way) cheaper than gasmobiles thanks to imaginative California electricity provider

by Tiny Casey, Clean Technica Despite America’s obsession with gadgets, electricity sales have been flatlining. So, what’s a utility company to do? Sonoma Clean Power in California has hit upon one answer: get people to buy more EVs, with hefty discounts and a free home EV charger, to boot — and an extra break for […]

California’s climate commitment is good for business

Many companies are choosing to locate in California because of the state’s strong climate leadership. This flies in the face of the myth that climate regulation might be a bad deal for California’s economy. Proterra, the Burlingame builder of electric buses, opened a factory in the Los Angeles area recently, in an effort to move some […]

Beyond Combustion in Sonoma County: 138,000 electric cars by 2030

The auto world is abuzz with talk of the release of the Tesla Model 3, Volvo’s announcement that all their new models will be electric in a few years, and declarations by France, the UK, and others that they plan to ban all internal combustion cars by 2040. A recent study by the Center for […]

Unless we share them, self-driving vehicles will just make traffic worse

Updated by David A carbon-free, autonomous car is still a car; it still takes up space. After decades of relative stagnation, the world of transportation is on the cusp of multiple revolutions. The biggest three: Electrification:a shift from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) Automation:a shift from human-piloted vehicles to automated vehicles […]

Center for Climate Protection partners with MCE and others for building efficiency optimization project

California Energy Commission “Local Government Challenge Grant” project receives highest score in its category On April 11th the Center received news that it had been awarded, along with its Project partners, $1.7M in funding for a project that will help the state achieve its greenhouse gas reduction goals and that aims to develop a replicable model […]

Tesla just passed GM to become America’s most valuable carmaker

by David Welch, Bloomberg Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc. surpassed General Motors Co. to become America’s most valuable carmaker, eclipsing a company whose well-being was once viewed as interdependent with the nation’s. A week after topping Ford Motor Co., Tesla climbed 3.3 percent Monday, lifting its market capitalization to $50.9 billion. The electric-car maker ended the […]

Tesla overtakes Ford in market value

by Levi Sumagaysay, Silicone Beat Tesla, the new American car company, has surpassed Ford — a pioneering American car company that’s 100 years older — in market value. Shares of Tesla are up sharply after the electric-vehicle maker on Sunday reported a record number of deliveries for the first quarter: 25,000 vehicles, up 69 percent […]