Breaking the climate silence in the age of mega-hurricanes

“Terrible.” “Seismic. “An experience out of this world.” “Catastrophic.” “Like a movie I never want to see.” These are the words and phrases used by inhabitants of Caribbean islands as Hurricane Irma tore through the region last week. By this time, Irma had already broken the record for strongest sustained winds, howling at 185mph for […]

My friend Laurie-Ann on sustaining daily climate activism

Earlier this week I asked my friend, neighbor, and coworker, Laurie-Ann Barbour to write a blog about being an activist. She shrugged and said, “Sure,” as she often says when I ask her for help with something. The blog she sent back to me was beautiful and at the same time, it completely undersold her. […]

Team changes at the Center for Climate Protection

Welcome! Jock Gilchrist was recently hired to be the Assistant to the Executive Director, a new position. His background is in health care. As an intern with us since the beginning of the year, he’s been part of the R & D team working on the Center’s new initiative. Jock’s blog related to this is […]

Bruce Dzieza

Creative Giving: Philanthropy with pizazz

by Bruce Dzieza, Willow Creek Wealth Management, Inc. Giving to a charity is easy, right? Write a check, send it off to your favorite 501(c)(3) organization, and get a full deduction for the amount on your tax return, up to 50% of your adjusted gross income. Though this is correct, there are more advantageous and rewarding […]

Climate Action Training

Do you want to do something about climate change, and want to know where to start? The Center for Climate Protection has an opportunity for you. This fall we are offering training for climate action designed for you to: Build your knowledge, hope, and resolve Connect with like-minded folks, take action, and have an impact […]

New report examines consequences of private utility over-purchasing of power for customers as Community Choice grows

A new report by the Center for Climate Protection examines the over procurement of power by private utilities in the context of the growth of Community Choice Energy in California. The report is authored by energy policy analyst June Brashares and Tyler Bonson, a graduate of Sonoma State’s Energy Management and Design and in Economics. The […]

Personal stories to inspire climate policy

Do you have a personal story about climate impacts? Jane Bender, President of the Board for the Center for Climate Protection, along with a group of climate activists, has been meeting with California Senator Dianne Feinstein’s legislative aides to strategize how they can help the Senator in efforts to move good climate policy forward. The aides […]

San Jose’s Community Choice vote is unanimous

Four years ago the Center for Climate Protection ranked San Jose as its top priority for establishing a Community Choice program due to its size and location at the center of innovation worldwide. Yesterday, the vision became a reality. “While leaders in Washington continue to languish in a petroleum-fueled past, cities like San Jose will […]

Center for Climate Protection partners with MCE and others for building efficiency optimization project

California Energy Commission “Local Government Challenge Grant” project receives highest score in its category On April 11th the Center received news that it had been awarded, along with its Project partners, $1.7M in funding for a project that will help the state achieve its greenhouse gas reduction goals and that aims to develop a replicable model […]

Marches for Science and Climate beg question: Why march?

by Laurie-Ann Barbour, Center for Climate Protection I was proud to be part of the March for Science in Santa Rosa on Earth Day – one of over 600 marches around the world highlighting the importance of science for everyone.  The marches sent a message to the current administration about the value of scientific research […]