New greenhouse gas report highlights successes, challenges, and opportunities for California

The Center for Climate Protection just released the new greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions report for Sonoma County for 2016. The good news is that emissions from electricity have gone down since the inception of Sonoma Clean Power, the region’s Community Choice Energy program. The reduction of emissions in electricity was so significant that Sonoma County’s […]

Big Tech is buying more clean energy than ever in the Trump era

by Chris Martin, Bloomberg Companies, led by tech giants including Apple Inc. and Facebook Inc., are snapping up more clean energy than ever, even as shifting environmental policies from the U.S. to Europe threaten the economics of renewable energy. Forty-three businesses signed long-term agreements for a record 5.4 gigawatts of clean power including solar and […]

New Community Outreach Specialist, Stockton and San Joaquin County

Hello, my name is Valeria Sanabia! I am the new Community Outreach Specialist in Stockton and San Joaquin County. I’ve joined the Center for Climate Protection, an organization that is helping address economic and community needs through the implementation of Community Choice Energy. In our work together, we will work to ensure that San Joaquin […]

New Community Outreach Specialist, Fresno

Hello! I am LaTisha Harris, the new Community Outreach Specialist that has joined the Center for Climate Protection team. I will be working in the Central Valley primarily focused on Fresno and surrounding areas. I have over ten years of grassroots and labor organizing experience, lobbying and executing campaigns on various issues throughout the state of […]

With gratitude and more to give

During this holiday season, we’ve had enthusiastic response from our donors to contribute to our cause. In July, we announced a Logan Grant of up to $60,000 based on match donations from new donors and/or increased giving from existing donors. With great appreciation, we announce that we’ve met the $60,000 match from the generosity of […]

Nina Turner joins the Center as a Renewable Energy Program Associate

Hello, my name is Nina Turner and I am the new Renewable Energy Program Associate for the Center for Climate Protection.  While I am originally from the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, my love of the natural beauty found in Sonoma County piqued my interest in environmental issues and led me to major in Environmental […]

Shauna Langan joins the Center as an intern focused on Community Choice and agriculture

My name is Shauna Langan and I am a new student intern at the Center for Climate Protection, researching how Community Choice Energy farmers and other agricultural interests in Fresno County. For the Center, I am creating a database of farms and agricultural organizations in Fresno County, and conducting a survey of farms and other […]

10 Senators call for investigation into EPA pushing scientists off advisory boards

by Georgina Gustin, Inside Climate News A group of Senate Democrats is calling for an expanded investigation into efforts by the Trump Environmental Protection Agency to effectively push independent scientists off key EPA advisory boards and replace them with scientists from the fossil fuel and chemical industries. In a letter sent to the Government Accountability […]

Breaking the climate silence in the age of mega-hurricanes

“Terrible.” “Seismic. “An experience out of this world.” “Catastrophic.” “Like a movie I never want to see.” These are the words and phrases used by inhabitants of Caribbean islands as Hurricane Irma tore through the region last week. By this time, Irma had already broken the record for strongest sustained winds, howling at 185mph for […]

My friend Laurie-Ann on sustaining daily climate activism

Earlier this week I asked my friend, neighbor, and coworker, Laurie-Ann Barbour to write a blog about being an activist. She shrugged and said, “Sure,” as she often says when I ask her for help with something. The blog she sent back to me was beautiful and at the same time, it completely undersold her. […]