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California Energy Commissioner says renewables are safe and reliable for the grid

The following op-ed from the San Francisco Chronicle was written by California Energy Commissioner David Hochschild and David Olsen, a member of the California Independent System Operator Board of Governors: In 1986, President Ronald Reagan famously removed solar panels from the White House roof, capping a misguided energy policy that severely slashed investment in renewable […]

Congress to Pruitt: We’re not cutting EPA budget to Trump’s levels

by Marianne Lavelle, Inside Climate News House Republicans say they’ll protect programs that affect their districts. That’s a lot of the EPA’s work. Republicans and Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee were clear that Congress will not pass a budget that cuts EPA’s funding by 31 percent and eliminates nearly 50 of its programs, as […]

Judge orders Dakota Access Pipeline review, citing environmental justice

by Marianne Lavelle, Inside Climate News The judge didn’t shut down the oil flow but didn’t rule that out, either. Expediting the pipeline’s construction had been one of Trump’s first orders as president. The Standing Rock tribe and its supporters protested the construction of the pipeline near the tribe’s land and under its water supply at […]

Your gas appliance is making climate change worse

By Rachel Golden, Sacramento Bee California leaders have said loud and clear that we won’t back away from our commitment to build clean energy and reduce climate pollution. But for California to achieve its goals, it must address a source of climate pollution that is largely unchecked and literally hits close to home: the buildings […]

U.S. Bank becomes first major bank to stop financing pipeline construction

by Ecowatch U.S. Bank has become the first major bank in the U.S. to formally exclude gas and oil pipelines from their project financing. This groundbreaking change to their Environmental Responsibility Policy was publicly announced at the annual shareholders meeting in Nashville in April. In addition to no longer providing “project financing for the construction of oil or natural […]

Historic first vote to cap refinery greenhouse gas emissions scheduled for June 21

by Carla West, 350bayarea.org This is really it—the culmination of a very long and often difficult effort to cap local refinery pollution.  On June 21st (save the date!) the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District are expected to adopt Rule 12-16, retailored at the last hearing to focus exclusively on greenhouse emissions.  […]

A group representing $6.2 trillion of the US economy says they’re ‘still in’ the Paris climate agreement

by Madeleine Sheehan Perkins, Business Insider A coalition of US economic, education, and local government leaders announced on Monday they will continue to abide by the Paris agreement regardless of America’s withdrawal, forming the We Are Still In movement.  The coalition represents 120 million Americans and $6.2 trillion of the US economy. In total, the group includes 125 […]

In the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, the Koch brothers’ campaign becomes overt

By Jane Mayer, The New Yorker If there was any lingering doubt that a tiny clique of fossil-fuel barons has captured America’s energy and environmental policies, it was dispelled last week, when the Trump Administration withdrew from the Paris climate accord. Surveys showed that a majority of Americans in literally every state wanted to remain […]