Energy Secretary Rick Perry wants to secure grid resiliency by subsidizing coal & nuclear

by Joshua S Hill, Clean Technica US Energy Secretary Rick Perry has turned to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in an effort to revitalize the country’s coal and nuclear industries by essentially subsidizing their sectors based on a misguided belief that their technologies are the only way to bring stability to the country’s electricity grid. […]

Renewable energy out in the cold

by Brian Eckhouse, Bloomberg The prospects for a broad tax reform with lower corporate rates has excited business leaders and boosted the stock market — except for renewable energy. Tax reform “will make renewables more expensive,” Keith Martin, a partner at law firm Norton Rose Fulbright, said in an interview Tuesday at Infocast’s Solar Connect […]

Late-September heat wave leaves climate experts stunned

by Joe Romm, Think Progress Century-old records across the Midwest and East Coast are being shattered by a monster late-September heat wave — the kind of extreme weather we can expect to get much worse thanks to President Donald Trump’s policies to undermine domestic and global climate action. “There has never been a heat wave […]

Electricity alone powers one quarter of U.S. homes

by Ingrid Lobet, Inews Source Recently we reported that for climate reasons, some environmental groups are starting to advocate for all-electric homes. Those are homes in which all the appliances including heaters, hot water heaters and stoves run on electricity, not natural gas. When it is burned, or particularly if it leaks out unburned, natural […]

Trump picks Oklahoma congressman to head NASA

by Nell Greenfieldboyce, NPR President Trump’s pick for the next leader of NASA is a fighter pilot who wants Americans to return to the moon but doesn’t believe that humans are causing climate change. Rep. Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma has to be confirmed by the Senate before taking charge of NASA, and the two senators who […]

Denmark’s corporate sector just sold off its last oil company

by Alexander C. Kaufman, Huffington Post REYKJAVIK, Iceland ― Denmark’s biggest company is selling off the country’s last oil firm as the world’s top wind turbine-producing nation transitions to renewable energy. Last month, A.P. Moller-Maersk, the famed industrial and shipping conglomerate, agreed to sell its oil and gas division to French giant Total. Pending regulatory approval, […]

Texas wind turbines went right on turning under Harvey’s impact, as refineries shut down

by Juan Cole, Common Dreams Extreme weather is in our future. Caribbean hurricanes of the future will be more and more violent and destructive because of manmade global heating. Sea level rise will open the coast to bigger storm surges. The number of coastal floods has already doubled since the 1980s because of people driving […]

Harvey’s devastation shows the need for distributed energy, microgrids during disasters

by Jeff St. John, Greentech Media Harvey, the hurricane-turned-tropical depression that’s devastated the Texas Gulf Coast, has also driven home the value of off-grid energy systems, from backup generators to microgrids — and the dire results of failing to have them ready to prevent disasters. The floodwaters have killed dozens of people and left tens of […]

Will Harvey’s damage shift how Congress sees climate change and budget cuts?

by Marianne Lavelle , John H. Cushman Jr., Georgina Gustin, InsideClimate News Even as the floodwaters continued to rise in East Texas, it was clear that Hurricane Harvey would force a new reckoning over major energy and climate policy questions. The immediate priorities—rescue operations, disaster assistance, flood insurance, and the like—will be followed by broader questions […]

Solar Reserve by NASA's Marshall Space Flight

How solar tower and storage won on costs

by Sophie Vorrath, Renew Economy As the South Australian government basks in the glow of procuring a second world-leading and game-changing renewable energy technology project for the state, attention is turning to the finer details of the deal; in particular, how a solar tower power plant with molten salt storage won the government tender on costs. […]