RBS cuts lending to new coal and Arctic oil projects

by Press Association, The Guardian Royal Bank of Scotland will no longer fund Arctic oil projects and has pledged to cut lending to firms profiting largely from coal as part of an updated energy policy. The changes cover the mining, power and oil and gas sectors and are aimed at taking a tougher line on […]

Every Lyft ride to be offset by a carbon credit to reduce global warming

by Marco della Cava, USA Today SAN FRANCISCO — Cars and trucks contribute nearly a third of the nation’s greenhouse gases, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. If that pains you, Lyft is offering a salve. Starting Thursday, the pollution produced by every vehicle on Lyft’s platform will be offset by a self-imposed carbon tax, […]

World agrees to cut shipping emissions 50 percent by 2050

by John H. Cushman Jr., InsideClimate News The UN’s International Maritime Organization has approved the world’s first broad agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions from worldwide ocean shipping and said it hopes to phase them out entirely “as soon as possible in this century.” The agency called the agreement, reached by countries on Friday, a […]

New York rejects a natural gas pipeline, and federal regulators say that’s OK

by Phil Mckenna, InsideClimate News In a setback for the fossil fuel industry, federal energy regulators rejected a petition from the Constitution Pipeline Company to overturn New York State’s denial of a water permit for a proposed natural gas pipeline. Without the permit, the pipeline can’t be built. In a decision on Jan. 11, the Federal […]

New York city sues oil companies over climate change, says it plans to divest

by Nicholas Kusnetz, InsideClimate News New York City is suing five of the largest oil companies over the billions of dollars it spends protecting the city from the effects of climate change, and it plans to divest its pension funds’ $5 billion in assets involving fossil fuel producers, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday. As […]

Trump Admin. removes Florida from offshore drilling targets (California not so lucky)

by Ledyard King, The News-press Washington bureau WASHINGTON – In a sudden about-face, the Trump administration has decided to exclude Florida from its plan to expand offshore oil and gas drilling. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced the decision Tuesday evening after meeting with Florida Gov. Rick Scott at Tallahassee International Airport. Scott had joined with […]

Trump plan to expand oil and gas leasing in West draws, for the most part, a big yawn from industry

by Keith Schneider, LA Times During his years in the White House, President Obama erected barriers to oil and gas development on the West’s public lands. President Trump, mindful of the energy industry’s view that those rules were too restrictive, has set his sights on dismantling them. Yet for all the president’s support, federal lease […]

Tianjin, China power plant

China is methodically building the world’s most ambitious carbon market

by David Roberts, Vox On December 19, China officially announced that it would create the world’s largest carbon trading system, meant to help the country meet its ambitious climate change and clean energy targets. (The country wants to get 20 percent of its energy from renewables, and peak its emissions, by 2030.) It can be […]

‘The fear of dying’ pervades Southern California’s oil-polluted enclaves

by Jim Morris, Public Integrity LOS ANGELES – In their worst moments, the victims’ faces are blue. Their skin is cool and damp to the touch. They are starving for oxygen. Pedora Keo, a critical-care nurse, sees them with distressing regularity: asthmatics in the thrall of attacks that can kill them or decimate their brains. […]

Big Oil pulls Democratic lawmakers through the revolving door

By Laurel Rosenhall, CALmatters Inside the California Assembly chamber on the night of June 1, the presiding officer urged lawmakers to recognize former members in their midst, “the honorable Henry Perea and Felipe Fuentes.” In a familiar Capitol ritual, the former assemblymen waved from the balcony as applause rang out from their one-time colleagues. But […]