‘The fear of dying’ pervades Southern California’s oil-polluted enclaves

by Jim Morris, Public Integrity LOS ANGELES – In their worst moments, the victims’ faces are blue. Their skin is cool and damp to the touch. They are starving for oxygen. Pedora Keo, a critical-care nurse, sees them with distressing regularity: asthmatics in the thrall of attacks that can kill them or decimate their brains. […]

Big Oil pulls Democratic lawmakers through the revolving door

By Laurel Rosenhall, CALmatters Inside the California Assembly chamber on the night of June 1, the presiding officer urged lawmakers to recognize former members in their midst, “the honorable Henry Perea and Felipe Fuentes.” In a familiar Capitol ritual, the former assemblymen waved from the balcony as applause rang out from their one-time colleagues. But […]

California’s climate commitment is good for business

Many companies are choosing to locate in California because of the state’s strong climate leadership. This flies in the face of the myth that climate regulation might be a bad deal for California’s economy. Proterra, the Burlingame builder of electric buses, opened a factory in the Los Angeles area recently, in an effort to move some […]

Oil Industry

Amid fading oil boom, Canada’s roughnecks seek green energy jobs

by Chris Arsenault, Reuters TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – After nearly a decade of riding Canada’s oil boom, drilling contractor Jennifer Turner found herself low on work, like thousands of other employees in the fossil fuel business left jobless following a plunge in oil prices. Today, she helps unemployed oil workers find jobs in the burgeoning […]

More groups line up in support for Senate Cap and Trade bill

Wieckowski’s SB 775 would create a post-2020 framework to meet California’s strict 2030 limits Sacramento – A growing number of statewide and regional organizations in California, representing thousands of members, are lining up in support of SB 775, the Cap and Trade bill unveiled last month by Senator Bob Wieckowski and Senate President Pro Tem […]

Activists Dump 1000 Lbs of Coal Waste at EPA Headquarters | by Rainforest Action Network

Is the Exxon-backed Climate Leadership Council’s proposal worth the cost?

The below article by Ellen R. Wald of Forbes presents an interesting question about what we can hope for from the oil industry-backed Climate Leadership Council. Is the trade of carbon dividends worth the cost of regulatory rollbacks?  The Climate Leadership Council’s devious plan to distract American carbon consumers Today, June 20, the new Climate […]

A Conservative Case for Climate Action

By MARTIN S. FELDSTEIN, TED HALSTEAD and N. GREGORY MANKIW, New York Times CRAZY as it may sound, this is the perfect time to enact a sensible policy to address the dangerous threat of climate change. Before you call us nuts, hear us out. During his eight years in office, President Obama regularly warned of […]

Paulson, Baker and Schultz

A Conservative Climate Solution: Republican Group Calls for Carbon Tax

By John Schwartz, NYTimes A group of Republican elder statesmen is calling for a tax on carbon emissions to fight climate change. The group, led by former Secretary of State James A. Baker III, with former Secretary of State George P. Shultz and Henry M. Paulson Jr., a former secretary of the Treasury, says that taxing […]

Election day: 13 days until we keep going

The election is just 13 days away and climate protection has barely been a topic on the national stage.  This year has been the hottest ever recorded, and yet we continue to pour carbon into the atmosphere because the price of fossil fuels do not reflect their true costs – yet. Four times in the last month, the […]

The Forks in the Road after the Paris Agreement

by Mike Sandler Without a doubt, the Paris Agreement is historic. It provides some much-needed relief to the UN process and the leaders of the world who suffered a major setback after the UN’s Copenhagen breakdown in 2009. It lets a term-limited President of the United States claim to have set laudably ambitious goals, and […]