photo: Day Street Apartments, Tujunga, Derek Huntington, Promise Energy Inc.

California Energy Commissioner says renewables are safe and reliable for the grid

The following op-ed from the San Francisco Chronicle was written by California Energy Commissioner David Hochschild and David Olsen, a member of the California Independent System Operator Board of Governors: In 1986, President Ronald Reagan famously removed solar panels from the White House roof, capping a misguided energy policy that severely slashed investment in renewable […]

Your gas appliance is making climate change worse

By Rachel Golden, Sacramento Bee California leaders have said loud and clear that we won’t back away from our commitment to build clean energy and reduce climate pollution. But for California to achieve its goals, it must address a source of climate pollution that is largely unchecked and literally hits close to home: the buildings […]

Can blue states help red states move faster toward renewables?

The below article by Justin Gillis and Nadja Popovich of the New York Times poses an interesting question in light of “Trump country’s” move toward wind energy: Can blue states help red states move faster toward renewables? Originally titled, “In Trump Country, renewables thrive.” Two years ago, Kansas repealed a law requiring that 20 percent of the […]

California Independent System Operator

California and Canada are teaming up to fight climate change — again

by Sammy Roth, Desert Sun As President Donald Trump dithers on the fate of the Paris climate deal, California and other western states are banding together to reduce carbon emissions and save hundreds of millions of dollars — and now a Canadian province will join them. British Columbia’s main electric utility said Tuesday it will join the Energy Imbalance […]

Chinese company offers free wind power training for coal miners in Wyoming

by Steve Hanley, Clean Technica When we think of coal country in the United States, we think of West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. But Wyoming is where the majority of American coal comes from. In fact, the Cowboy State, as it calls itself, produces four times as much coal as West Virginia. That also means […]

How New York is building the renewable energy grid of the future

by Leslie Kaufman, Inside Climate News This is a story of ripping up old incentives that encouraged selling as much electricity as possible, then unleashing the entrepreneurs. New York State is making a $5 billion bet that by making its power cleaner, it can become a magnet for the clean energy jobs of the future. Its efforts […]

U.S. Department of Energy touts producing renewables yourself

The below information is posted on the U.S. Department of Energy’s website. This message might hold appeal for conservatives who value energy independence and choice. Consumer vs. Prosumer: What’s the Difference? by Daron Christopher, US Department of Energy Learn more about the Grid Modernization Initiative Most of us have been consuming electricity from the grid the […]

In Brooklyn, you can sell solar power to your neighbors

By Jeremy Deaton, Nexus Media A cutting-edge technology offers a new way to trade electricity In Brooklyn, you can buy honey collected from an urban beehive. You can buy lettuce grown atop an old bowling alley. And now, you can purchase free range, gluten free, fresh, organic solar power right off your neighbor’s roof. Brooklyn startup LO3 Energy is revolutionizing the […]

China and India make big strides on climate change

by the Editorial Board, New York Times Until recently, China and India have been cast as obstacles, at the very least reluctant conscripts, in the battle against climate change. That reputation looks very much out-of-date now that both countries have greatly accelerated their investments in cost-effective renewable energy sources — and reduced their reliance on […]

India’s electricity sector transformation is happening now

by Tim Buckley, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis The Indian energy market transformation is accelerating under Energy Minister Piyush Goyal’s leadership. The most recent and most persuasive evidence is the collapsing cost of solar electricity—a collapse that has gone beyond anyone’s expectations, and the results are in: solar has won. The global energy […]