Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia, State Senate leader Kevin de León, and Assemblymember Bill Quirk

California’s energy future is up for grabs. Here are the bills that could pass in the next three weeks.

by Sammy Roth, Palm Springs Desert Sun California could dramatically reshape its energy future in the next few weeks. In the halls of the capitol, lawmakers and lobbyists are debating bills that would bolster renewable energy sources like solar and wind, create an interstate electricity market covering much of the western U.S., make it easier […]

First big U.S. offshore wind farm offers $1.4 billion to customers

by Jim Efstathiou Jr, Bloomberg Massachusetts electricity users will save about $1.4 billion over 20 years from the first commercial-scale offshore wind farm in the U.S. Avangrid Inc. and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, joint developers of the 800-megawatt project south of Martha’s Vineyard, expect to provide power and renewable energy credits for 6.5 cents a kilowatt-hour […]

New programs nudge homeowners to switch to electric heat pumps

by Steven Nadel, Aceee From coast to coast, several programs are starting to help homeowners switch from space and water heating fueled by oil, propane, and natural gas to high-efficiency heat pumps powered by clean electricity. Multiple studies have found such conversions will be necessary to achieve deep cuts in carbon dioxide emissions (see here […]

Why are solar trees popping up all over? Thank 20,000 South Florida families

by Lois K. Solomon, South Florida Sun Sentinel Get ready for some unusual plants to start popping up outside public sites all over South Florida. Zoos, museums, airports and parks will be home to 24-foot-high “trees,” or curvy green tubes with solar panels on top. Other sites will get solar canopies, designed to resemble a […]

Clean energy is catching up to natural gas. Fast.

by David Roberts, Vox For around 10 years, the conventional wisdom in the energy sector has been that natural gas is ascendant. Coal is dirty, and it’s getting expensive, but it’s too early to jump all the way to renewable energy. To get from the fossil fuel present to the renewable future, we will need […]

Good policy works! California slashes emissions, hits GHG goal years early

by David R. Baker, SF Chronicle In a major win for California’s fight against global warming, the state appears to have hit its first target for cutting greenhouse gases — and it reached the goal early. Data released Wednesday by the California Air Resources Board show that the state’s greenhouse gas emissions dropped 2.7 percent […]

The rising energy storage revolution – car companies diving into stationary storage

by Charles Morris, EVANNEX Electric vehicles are part of a sustainable energy/transportation ecosystem that also includes charging infrastructure, smart grid technology, and renewable energy. The key that ties all of these components together is energy storage. Storage, specifically batteries, is the enabling technology that makes modern EVs possible, and that makes renewable energy viable. Battery […]

Vistra, Tesla and PG&E seeking world’s first 1 GWh+ batteries

by John Weaver, PV Magazine USA We’re at the very front edge of a demand driven revolution on global electric grids, with lithium-ion batteries as the central resource. The headlines get to say largest every other week (largest utility scale DC-coupled, largest solar+storage, just the largest). And every once in a while, superlatives like ‘unprecedented‘ […]

Wind energy the new ‘cash crop’ for Colorado farmers

by Liz Forster, Gazette For more than a century, Jan and Virgil Kochis’ family has farmed wheat, corn and other cash crops on 10,000 acres of pasture and farmland near Matheson in Elbert County. It’s the only lifestyle they know, they said. So when crop prices started to plummet, the Kochises turned to a resource […]

Clever hacks to stay cool this summer

by Popular Mechanics A portable air conditioner or window unit can keep your place nice and chill even during the hottest summer months. But if you’re looking for a way to stay cool without blowing up your energy bills, consider these ways to air out your home without cranking the A/C. read more: