CO2 emissions were flat for three years. Now they’re rising again.

by Brad Plumer and Nadja Popovich, NY Times BONN, Germany — Industrial emissions of carbon dioxide are projected to rise to record highs in 2017 after a three-year plateau, scientists said Monday. It’s a sign that the world is still far from achieving its goals to limit global warming. Global emissions from fossil fuels and […]

Making more sustainable LEDs with reusable materials

by John Cafferkey, Greentech Media The rise of LED lightbulbs has been driven in large part by their environmental credentials, and rightly so. LEDs consume a fraction of the power used by traditional incandescent bulbs and have exceptional longevity, lasting up to 25,000 hours. Most of an LED’s environmental impact (around 98 percent) is incurred […]

America’s ‘renaissance’ to gains for renewables: global energy trends

by Stanley Reed, NY Times LONDON — From the rise of renewable power to the transformation of the United States into a heavyweight producer of oil and gas, the global energy market, normally slow to evolve, is going through major upheaval. That is the assessment of Fatih Birol, the executive director of the International Energy […]

October winds provide 189% of Scotland’s household electricity

by Joshua S Hill, Clean Technica Scotland’s wind energy industry once again has smashed records with an “unprecedented” amount of electricity being generated in October, enough to provide 189% of the country’s household electricity needs and more than 100% of the country’s electricity demand on 15 out of 31 days. An analysis by WWF Scotland, […]

Election results: Big Oil loses big in Washington

by Natasha Geiling, Think Progress Local elections, especially in non-presidential years, rarely draw the kind of national attention and money seen in statewide or nationwide races. But for the past few months, two local races in Washington State have captivated the fossil fuel industry, which funneled historic amounts of money to candidates friendly to their […]

The seven megatrends that could beat global warming: ‘There is reason for hope’

  by Damian Carrington, The Guardian Everybody gets paralysed by bad news because they feel helpless,” says Christiana Figueres, the former UN climate chief who delivered the landmark Paris climate change agreement. “It is so in our personal lives, in our national lives and in our planetary life.” But it is becoming increasingly clear that […]

Charging, charging, charging — best way for cities to break down EV adoption barriers

by Zachary Shahan, Clean Technica Prepping for our coming CleanTechnica + GreenWay 1st annual EV charging conference in Warsaw, Poland, I’ve been interviewing leading thinkers and doers in the EV charging world and in the Central & Eastern Europe EV industry who will be presenting or sitting on panel discussions during the conference*. This time, […]

‘The fear of dying’ pervades Southern California’s oil-polluted enclaves

by Jim Morris, Public Integrity LOS ANGELES – In their worst moments, the victims’ faces are blue. Their skin is cool and damp to the touch. They are starving for oxygen. Pedora Keo, a critical-care nurse, sees them with distressing regularity: asthmatics in the thrall of attacks that can kill them or decimate their brains. […]

How fossil fuel allies are tearing apart Ohio’s embrace of clean energy

by Brad Wieners And David Hasemyer, InsideClimate News COLUMBUS, Ohio—On March 30, Bill Seitz, a charismatic Republican, took to the floor of the Ohio House to make a case for gutting a 2008 law designed to speed the adoption of solar and wind as significant sources of electricity in the state. The law, he warned, […]

Aldermen pass resolution for St. Louis to pursue 100 percent clean energy by 2035

by Bryce Gray, St. Louis Post-Dispatch In a state that still gets nearly 80 percent of its electricity from coal, the city of St. Louis will try to chart a course to use entirely clean energy by 2035. The push is sparked by Friday morning’s unanimous passage of Resolution 124 at the city Board of […]