Your gas appliance is making climate change worse

By Rachel Golden, Sacramento Bee California leaders have said loud and clear that we won’t back away from our commitment to build clean energy and reduce climate pollution. But for California to achieve its goals, it must address a source of climate pollution that is largely unchecked and literally hits close to home: the buildings […]

How New York is building the renewable energy grid of the future

by Leslie Kaufman, Inside Climate News This is a story of ripping up old incentives that encouraged selling as much electricity as possible, then unleashing the entrepreneurs. New York State is making a $5 billion bet that by making its power cleaner, it can become a magnet for the clean energy jobs of the future. Its efforts […]

Center for Climate Protection partners with MCE and others for building efficiency optimization project

California Energy Commission “Local Government Challenge Grant” project receives highest score in its category On April 11th the Center received news that it had been awarded, along with its Project partners, $1.7M in funding for a project that will help the state achieve its greenhouse gas reduction goals and that aims to develop a replicable model […]

Press conference at the Control Data Corporation

Major tech companies issue joint news release on innovative energy-saving plan

by Dr. Curt Epigramathus, Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistic Knowledge Pioneering conservation initiative likely to ignite controversy Today several tech giants including Google, Yahoo, and Apple joined at the headquarters of the Control Data Corporation in Silicon Valley for a news conference to tout their newest initiative to conserve energy and reduce the load on […]

Loving Clean Energy – It’s a personal thing!

It is true: I love clean energy, but not necessarily because of some ideology, technical fascination or theoretical notion that it will contribute to a safer planet. I love it because it makes my life better. My day-to-day work at the Center for Climate Protection revolves around advocating Community Choice and other clean energy policies […]

American Consumers Spending Less Than Ever On Energy

by Joshua S Hill, Clean Technica A new report has revealed that American consumers spent less than 4% of their total annual household spending on energy in 2016 — heating, transport, and electricity — the smallest share ever recorded by the US Government. The findings are part of the fifth edition of the Sustainable Energy […]

SUTTER ENERGY CENTER in Yuba City was hailed as the nation’s cleanest power plant when it opened in 2001. It closed indefinitely a year ago because the state has little need for its electricity. (David Butow For The Times)

LA Times breaks story on California’s overbuilt electricity system

The article below, published in the Los Angeles Times, demonstrates the need for a shift in our current energy system to better align the needs of California residents and businesses with the goals of energy providers. Currently, the main objective of private California utilities is to maximize shareholder profits. In the Community Choice Energy model, […]

Art Rosenfeld

Art Rosenfeld, California’s godfather of energy efficiency, dies

By Aylin Y. Woodward, The Mercury News  In 2013, President Obama awarded Berkeley physicist Art Rosenfeld with a National Medal of Technology and Innovation. Rosenfeld, known as the “godfather” of energy efficiency in California, died on Friday at his home in Berkeley. White House In 2013, President Obama awarded Berkeley physicist Art Rosenfeld with a National Medal […]

Energy intensity down, U.S. economy up, and stranded assets as oil demand drops

With the incoming administration, I expect to hear the same arguments pitting energy conservation against the economy, followed by a call to build more pipelines and drill. Next time you hear that argument, you can share this graph. Between 1980 and 2011 the economy expanded by 230% from $6.5 trillion to 15.2 trillion (in inflation-adjusted dollars), while energy […]

An opportunity for reducing our carbon footprint

by Jane Bender, President, Center for Climate Protection On April 27th, the Center for Climate Protection ran Chris Cone’s article, “Unintended consequence of tree removal reveals carbon reduction opportunity.” Indeed removing large redwood trees in Old Courthouse Square is causing the building owners of 50 Old Courthouse Square to increase their air conditioning load to ensure […]