Tesla to supply another ‘virtual power plant’ with Powerwalls at up to 1,200 homes

by Fred Lambert, Electrek After Tesla’s massive plan to create a 50,000-home virtual power plant with Powerwalls being in jeopardy in Australia, another similar project is now been announced for a new ‘virtual power plant’. New Premier of South Australia, Steven Marshall, a member of the Liberal party who just replaced the Labor party, threw […]

Chevron, oil giants lose latest fight over climate jurisdiction

by Kartikay Mehrotra, Bloomberg California cities and counties seeking to hold five of the largest oil companies accountable for their contribution to climate change through a trio of lawsuits will make their case in California state court, a judge ruled Friday. The decision, viewed by both sides as a defeat for Chevron, BP, Exxon, ConocoPhilips […]

US energy storage market tops the 1 GWh milestone in 2017

by Mike Munsell, Greentech Media The U.S. energy storage market is no longer in its infancy. According to GTM Research and the Energy Storage Association’s newly released U.S. Energy Storage Monitor 2017 Year in Review, 100 megawatt-hours of grid-connected energy storage were deployed in the fourth quarter of the year, marking 1,080 cumulative megawatt-hours deployed […]

Adding batteries to existing rooftop solar could qualify for 30 percent tax credit

by Lyndsey Gilpin, InsideClimate News Homeowners with rooftop solar tied into the grid like the way they can roll back their meters by selling surplus electricity back to the power company. But there’s a drawback: when the grid goes down in a storm, their lights go off too, unless they paid to install a bank […]

World’s first floating offshore wind farm achieves 65% capacity factor after 3 months

by Matthew Klippenstein, Greentech Media Statoil recently announced that its pioneering offshore floating wind farm, Hywind Scotland, achieved an astounding 65 percent capacity factor from November through January. Not only does this far surpass onshore wind farms — the United States’ wind fleet enjoyed an average capacity factor of about 37 percent last year — […]

More than 100 cities worldwide now powered primarily by renewable energy

by Georgina Gustin, InsideClimate News As the price of renewable energy drops, more cities are cutting the cord with fossil fuel-based electricity. A new report released Tuesday by the environmental group CDP finds that more than 100 cities worldwide now get the majority of their power—70 percent or more—from renewables. That’s up from 42 in […]

Consumers Energy vows to get off coal by 2040, cut emissions 80%

by Frank Witsil, Detroit Free Press Consumers Energy plans to cut carbon emissions by 80%, stop using coal to generate electricity by 2040 and promises to produce 40% of its power from renewable sources also by 2040, the president and CEO of the Jackson-based utility said Monday. “In the past, people believed that we had […]

FERC allows energy storage to play in nationwide wholesale markets

by Jeff St. John , Greentech Media The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has passed a rule that will open U.S. wholesale energy markets to energy storage on an equal footing with generators and other grid resources. But it hasn’t yet figured out how to address the same challenge for distributed energy resources. On Thursday, FERC […]

Utilities, NRDC to regulators: Clean energy is inevitable

by Rod Kuckro, E&E News reporter The leading lobby for the electric utility industry and a prominent environmental group today issued a joint statement in support of an “accelerating” clean energy transition that is defined by energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and empowering states and customers. The 21 recommendations from the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) […]

A powerful mix of solar and batteries is beating natural gas

by Chris Martin and Mark Chediak, Bloomberg Natural gas is getting edged out of power markets across the U.S. by two energy sources that, together, are proving to be an unbeatable mix: solar and batteries. In just the latest example, First Solar Inc. won a power contract to supplyArizona’s biggest utility when electricity demand on […]