A Community Choice agency in the Central Valley could help accelerate deployments like this one in Kings County, which currently generates power that is purchased by Community Choice agencies outside of the Valley.

Center receives grants for $160,000 to accelerate Community Choice Energy in California

Keystone XL Pipeline

Ranchers fight Keystone XL pipeline by building solar panels in its path

by Phil McKenna, InsideClimate News After years of battling Canadian pipeline giant TransCanada over the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, Nebraska rancher Bob Allpress is taking an unusual step to protect land that has been in his family since 1886. In the coming weeks, Allpress plans to install solar panels in the middle of a 1.5-mile long […]

Gas emission

25 fossil fuel producers responsible for half global emissions in past 3 decades

by Georgina Gustin, InsideClimate News A handful of big fossil fuel producers have been responsible for the majority of global greenhouse gas emissions in the years since climate change seized the world’s attention as a looming crisis, according to a new report issued today. When emissions from agriculture and land-use changes are taken out of […]

Port of Long Beach

Ports go electric in drive to decarbonize and cut pollution

by Leslie Kaufman, InsideClimate News PORT OF SAN DIEGO—Jesse Nelson, operations manager for Terminalift, a cargo loading company, is taking his new toy for a spin. The electric semi truck is about 22,000 pounds unloaded, but it slides silently between the towering loading cranes as it navigates a crowded pier at San Diego’s bustling wharf. […]

Wind Farm

North Carolina seeks to ban wind farm permits through 2018

by Joshua S Hill, Clean Technica In a move that seemingly has no other intention but to hamper economic growth and ban the development of clean energy, North Carolina legislators seek to place a moratorium on new wind farm permits through 2018. CleanTechnica’s Tina Casey reported on this earlier this month, but the American Wind Energy […]

Australia Renewables

One-quarter of Australian homes now have solar

by Sophie Vorrath, RenewEconomy New data has confirmed the effects of a second rooftop solar boom taking place around Australia – driven by falling technology costs and increasingly volatile electricity prices – with nearly one quarter of all Australian households found to have invested in solar panels. The survey, published by Roy Morgan on Thursday, shows […]

Air Travel

Climate-friendly air travel – say what?

by Gero Rueter, DW Air travel is bad for the climate – but it doesn’t have to be. Climate-friendly flight routes and renewable jet fuel could make flying in planes way more environmentally friendly – this would just need to be implemented. Increasing global air traffic is commonly regarded as a climate catastrophe, with the […]

Shell gas station

Companies have to open up about climate risks: Shell CEO

by Karolin Schaps and David Evans, Reuters LONDON (Reuters) – Climate change poses one of the biggest long-term risks to the global economy and companies, including big oil and gas firms such as Shell, have to be open about how the risks will affect them, its chief executive said on Tuesday. Shell, one of the biggest […]

New York

New York, Massachusetts move on energy storage targets

by Leslie Kaufman, InsideClimate News New York is set to join the ranks of a small but growing number of pioneering states that are setting targets for energy storage as wind, solar and other renewable energies supply increasing amounts of power to their electric grids. So far, only a few states have laws demanding that […]

Are cities leading on climate?

Since President Trump withdrew from the Paris Accord, we have been hearing a banquet of news about how cities are leading on climate action. The Guardian recently devoted an article to showcasing New York City, Houston, Miami and San Francisco as good examples of climate leadership. According to the article, New York City has already […]