Exxon leaves science-denying ALEC

by Timothy Cama, The Hill Exxon Mobil Corp. said it has left the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) following a clash over climate change policy. The nation’s largest oil and natural gas company did not say why it let its membership lapse. “We review our memberships on an annual basis and this year have decided […]

How to talk about climate change

by Sarah Mosko, Times of San Diego How often do we talk about climate change to family, friends or coworkers? Probably next to never if we’re like most people. Yale University’s national polling reveals that the majority of Americans accept that global warming is happening (73 percent) and are worried about it (63 percent). Even […]

Record-smashing heat wave kills 33 in Quebec

by Dan Bilefsky, The NY Times MONTREAL — Thirty-three people have died in Quebec from one of the worst heat waves to hit eastern and central Canada in decades, the authorities said on Thursday, underscoring the vulnerability of elderly, ill and poor people during the hot summer months. Dr. David Kaiser, the senior physician at […]

The gateway to Yellowstone is no place to mine

Yellowstone is worth far more than gold. But two mining proposals near America’s first national park threaten this world-famous landscape and the economy that depends on it. Standing beneath the famous Roosevelt Arch entrance to Yellowstone, our first national park, one can gaze out across meadows filled with herds of bison, pronghorn antelope and bighorn […]

The immigration crisis and climate change – a warming world creates desperate people

by Lauren Markham, NY Times Last year I traveled to southern Guatemala, the source of one of the largest migrations of unauthorized immigrants to the United States in recent years. It’s clear why people are leaving: Guatemala is a country rife with political conflict, endemic racism against indigenous people, poverty and, increasingly, gang violence. But […]

Global warming in South Asia: 800 million at risk

by Somini Sengupta and Nadja Popovich, The NY Times Climate change could sharply diminish living conditions for up to 800 million people in South Asia, a region that is already home to some of the world’s poorest and hungriest people, if nothing is done to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, the World Bank warned Thursday […]

A city in Oman may have just had the hottest night ever recorded on Earth

Doyle Rice, USA TODAY The next time you toss and turn at night because of the heat, be thankful you weren’t in Quriyat, Oman, on Tuesday night, where the low temperature there was a sultry 108.7 degrees. According to weather records expert Maximiliano Herrera, this sets a new world record for the hottest nighttime temperature, […]

Trump administration tightens rules for federal scientists talking to reporters

by Rong-gong Lin Ii, LA Times A new directive from the Trump administration instructs federal scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey to get approval from its parent agency before agreeing to most interview requests from reporters, according to employees and emails from officials with the Department of the Interior and USGS. USGS employees who spoke […]

Coral reefs save billions of dollars worldwide by preventing floods

by Doyle Rice, USA Today Coral reefs aren’t just pretty to look at: They also act as a natural flood protection barrier from powerful ocean storms. But with reefs in danger around the world, much of this valuable flood protection could be lost. A studyreleased Tuesday pinpoints the value of coral reefs, finding coastal flood-related […]

We are almost certainly underestimating the economic risks of climate change

by David Roberts, Vox One of the more vexing aspects of climate change politics and policy is the longstanding gap between the models that project the physical effects of global warming and those that project the economic impacts. In a nutshell, even as the former deliver worse and worse news, especially about a temperature rise […]