Marin joins legal suit vs. fossil fuel giants

San Rafael, CA – No stranger to the effects of sea level rise and greenhouse gas emissions, the County of Marin has joined two other jurisdictions in filing complaints in California Superior Court against 37 oil, gas and coal companies. Marin, the County of San Mateo and City of Imperial Beach contend that the companies knew for nearly […]

Margerie Glacier & Mt Fairweather

An iceberg the size of Delaware just broke away from Antarctica

by Jugal K. Patel And Justin Gillis, New York Times A chunk of floating ice that weighs more than a trillion metric tons broke away from the Antarctic Peninsula, producing one of the largest icebergs ever recorded and providing a glimpse of how the Antarctic ice sheet might ultimately start to fall apart. A crack more […]

Debate rages over California cap-and-trade deal, concessions to Big Oil

Thanks to you who contacted your legislators about SB 775. This remarkable bill would have overhauled California’s cap and trade system in a very favorable way. SB 775 got lost when the Governor’s bill emerged. Here’s Mercury News’ take on what happened. After the dust settles we’ll send you our view of the Governor’s bill. […]

Pollution standards

Trump administration may let California keep emissions standards

by Carolyn Lochhead, San Francisco Chronicle The Trump administration may be quietly conceding defeat to California on car tailpipe emissions, the biggest battleground in the state’s showdown with President Trump over climate change. Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt backed away last month from his threats to challenge California’s unique legal authority, known as a waiver, […]

Port of Long Beach

Ports go electric in drive to decarbonize and cut pollution

by Leslie Kaufman, InsideClimate News PORT OF SAN DIEGO—Jesse Nelson, operations manager for Terminalift, a cargo loading company, is taking his new toy for a spin. The electric semi truck is about 22,000 pounds unloaded, but it slides silently between the towering loading cranes as it navigates a crowded pier at San Diego’s bustling wharf. […]

Asias beef market

From beef to palm oil, investors worry about climate risk in the food industry

by Georgina Gustin, Inside Climate News An oil giant and a pizza-delivery titan share an unlikely bond—a powerful shareholder with a climate conscience. New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli oversees the country’s third-largest pension fund, with $192 billion in assets, and is concerned both about ExxonMobil’s tar sands oil and about the sources of palm […]

Rick Perry

2 new studies undermine climate denial arguments

The below article by John H. Cushman Jr. of Inside Climate News re-asserts the importance of peer review in the scientific process. We all know that Rick Perry, “is not a climate scientist,” nor is anyone else in the Trump Administration. In light of that, perhaps they can leave decisions pertaining to climate science to […]

Maddie Maffia

Maddie Maffia joins the Center and talks climate impacts

My name is Maddie Maffia, a Sophomore at Oregon State University studying Environmental Science. This summer I have the privilege of interning in my hometown, Santa Rosa. I help the Center for Climate Protection with communications. I chose the Center because I admire its work spreading awareness and preserving the climate for generations to enjoy. […]

More groups line up in support for Senate Cap and Trade bill

Wieckowski’s SB 775 would create a post-2020 framework to meet California’s strict 2030 limits Sacramento – A growing number of statewide and regional organizations in California, representing thousands of members, are lining up in support of SB 775, the Cap and Trade bill unveiled last month by Senator Bob Wieckowski and Senate President Pro Tem […]

Topher-White by Rainforest Connection

This engineer is using old cell phones to stop illegal logging

by Jeremy Deaton, Nexus Media News On a 2011 hike through the Indonesian rainforest, Topher White stumbled across a rogue logger cutting down a tree. The man was working just a short distance from the ranger station, but the din of chirping birds and buzzing insects obscured the sound of his chainsaw, keeping him hidden in […]