EV adoption in Iceland and opportunities in the U.S.

by Buddy Burch, Center for Climate Protection On a recent trip to Iceland, I found myself wondering about the country’s electric vehicle (EV) adoption. According to official energy statistics, 85 percent of total energy and all electricity comes from renewable sources, so I was curious about the government’s efforts to support EV adoption and zero-emission […]

UPS is going electric

by Katie Fehrenbacher, Greenbiz The odds are growing that the package you’ve been waiting for will be delivered in a truck powered by a battery. Delivery giant UPS announced this week that it’s partnered with a small tech startup called Thor Trucks, based in Los Angeles, to create and test out an electric delivery vehicle. […]

Turning Trump’s trade war into a tool to fight climate change

by Sabrina Shankman, InsideClimate News As the Trump administration’s trade war heats up, a group of experts is proposing a new way to counter protectionism—and prod the United States back into climate action at the same time. In a commentary in the journal Nature, the team of trade and climate policy experts called for a […]

Flight Cancelations due to Heat becoming common

by Leslie Josephs, CNBC It’s less than a month into the summer and triple-digit temperatures have already shattered records in many cities across the country, like around Los Angeles area where it hit 114 degrees in Burbank and 120 degrees in Chino on July 6. That’s as hot as last year’s brutal summer when temperatures […]

Good policy works! California slashes emissions, hits GHG goal years early

by David R. Baker, SF Chronicle In a major win for California’s fight against global warming, the state appears to have hit its first target for cutting greenhouse gases — and it reached the goal early. Data released Wednesday by the California Air Resources Board show that the state’s greenhouse gas emissions dropped 2.7 percent […]

The rising energy storage revolution – car companies diving into stationary storage

by Charles Morris, EVANNEX Electric vehicles are part of a sustainable energy/transportation ecosystem that also includes charging infrastructure, smart grid technology, and renewable energy. The key that ties all of these components together is energy storage. Storage, specifically batteries, is the enabling technology that makes modern EVs possible, and that makes renewable energy viable. Battery […]

Italy wants to put a million electric cars on the road. Price: $10 billion

by Tommaso Ebhardt and Chiara Albanese, Bloomberg The populist government in Italy, Europe’s most sluggish market for electric cars, has a big-bang plan to put 1 million of the vehicles on the nation’s roads. Getting anywhere near that target could cost the state $10 billion in incentives. As coalition partners the League and the Five […]

Shipping is part of the climate problem

by The Editors, Bloomberg LP When almost all the world’s governments agreed in Paris more than two years ago to address climate change, they sidestepped an important issue: carbon emissions from international shipping. Next week in London, they have a chance to put this right. Shipping is by far the most energy-efficient mode of transport, […]

How the humble bicycle can save our cities

by Eillie Anzilotti, Fast Company Mikael Colville-Andersen rides his bike everywhere in Copenhagen, but he would never introduce himself as a cyclist. “I’m just one of the 400,000 people riding a bike in this city because it makes our daily lives more effective,” he tells Fast Company. The founder of Copenhagenize, a design studio that […]

Why California Needs AB 1745

by Roy L Hales, Clean Technica Air pollution allegedly kills 21,000 Californians every year. Most of these fatalities are attributed to road transportation or building emissions. According to the American Lung Association, vehicle emissions cost California $15 billion a year in health and climate impacts. The state legislature is considering a law that would require […]