California’s climate commitment is good for business

Many companies are choosing to locate in California because of the state’s strong climate leadership. This flies in the face of the myth that climate regulation might be a bad deal for California’s economy. Proterra, the Burlingame builder of electric buses, opened a factory in the Los Angeles area recently, in an effort to move some […]

Are cities leading on climate?

Since President Trump withdrew from the Paris Accord, we have been hearing a banquet of news about how cities are leading on climate action. The Guardian recently devoted an article to showcasing New York City, Houston, Miami and San Francisco as good examples of climate leadership. According to the article, New York City has already […]


Climate-friendly air travel – say what?

by Gero Rueter, DW Air travel is bad for the climate – but it doesn’t have to be. Climate-friendly flight routes and renewable jet fuel could make flying in planes way more environmentally friendly – this would just need to be implemented. Increasing global air traffic is commonly regarded as a climate catastrophe, with the aviation […]

California ARB to award up to $10M for zero- and near-zero emission school buses

A new program funded by proceeds from California’s cap-and-trade program aims to encourage the turnover of California’s school bus fleet to zero-emission and cleaner-burning school buses. The program, known as The Rural School Bus Pilot Project, is a partnership between the North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District (AQMD) and the California Air Resources Board. […]

Three converted Prius Plug-In Hybrids charging at San Francisco City Hall

62% Of Auto Execs Think EVs Will Fail Due To Infrastructure Challenges, KPMG Survey Finds

by James Ayre, Clean Technica A recent survey of 1,000 of the top automotive industry execs around the world taken as part of the 2017 KPMG Global Automotive Executive Study has revealed a number of very interesting new data points. One of which is the fact that 76% of those surveyed apparently agree that one […]

California Aims to Plug In Almost Everything That Moves

by Max Baumhefner, NRDC The state’s largest investor-owned utilities are proposing to make over $1 billion in new investments to “accelerate widespread transportation electrification,” focusing on “light-duty” electric vehicles, as well as bigger, heavier, “medium and heavy-duty” vehicles, in a big way. Electrifying trucks, buses, port equipment, forklifts, and the other vehicles that move people […]

It’s Time We Start Talking About Big Electrics

by Chris Denny Brown, the Energy Collective For years we have heard about the coming electric car revolution. In fact, there is a strong argument that beyond their actual cars, the other major contribution of Tesla has been to get people talking excitedly about electric cars, bringing massive attention to the market. One should not […]

Patrick Picard

Three Days, Three Neighbors, Three New Leafs

For Richard Senghas and Tina Poles, “Standing Rock was the last straw.”  Buying a Nissan Leaf through the Sonoma Clean Power Drive EverGreen program is “taking their next significant step towards weaning ourselves off fossil fuels,” Richard posted on Facebook.  Since they are EverGreen customers, he points out that the energy for the car is […]

Student commute programs cut emissions significantly

World wide transportation accounts for only 13 percent of our carbon footprint 1.  However, in the Bay Area transportation is biggest GHG contributor, 2 and here in semi-rural Sonoma County, transportation accounts for more than half of our greenhouse gas emissions 3.  We drive a lot. So what can we do about it? The Sonoma County Transit Authority […]