Doomsday in Antarctica just got postponed a little

by Eric Holthaus, Grist There are a lot of daunting aspects of climate change, but few are more frightening than what’s happening right now at the bottom of the world. A few large glaciers in Antarctica have already passed over into slow-motion collapse mode. If these “doomsday glaciers” crumble, they would drown every coastal city […]

Global food system is broken, say world’s science academies

by Damian Carrington, The Guardian The global food system is broken, leaving billions of people either underfed or overweight and driving the planet towards climate catastrophe, according to 130 national academies of science and medicine across the world. Providing a healthy, affordable, and environmentally friendly diet for all people will require a radical transformation of […]

Carbon utilization technologies could reduce emissions by turning greenhouse gases into useful products

by The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine outlines a research agenda for improving the commercial viability of technologies that turn greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels into useful products such as fuels, construction materials, and chemicals. The report urges […]

Floridians who missed voter registration deadline because of Hurricane Michael are out of luck

by Paola Rosa-Aquino, Grist Hurricane Michael slammed into the Florida Panhandle Wednesday afternoon. The third strongest storm to ever hit the United States, it brought 155 mph winds, heavy rainfall, and towering storm surges. While Floridians in Michael’s path were searching for refuge from the storm’s imminent fury, thousands of would-be voters missed the state’s […]

Climate change will cost U.S. more in economic damage than any other country but one

by Stacy Morford, InsideClimate News The United States stands to lose a lot more from climate change than it realizes. In a study published Monday, scientists estimate for the first time how much each country around the world will suffer in future economic damage from each new ton of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere. […]

Tangier Island and Island Earth

I was about ten or eleven years old in the early 1970s when I visited Tangier Island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay with my family. It left quite an impression. We walked the neighborhood streets, visited the crab, oyster, clam and fishing docks, and stopped in to a few shops before finding a […]

A groundbreaking Hurricane Florence study could change how we think about climate

by Kate Yoder, Grist As Hurricane Florence approached the Carolinas last week, up to 1 million residents boarded up their windows, emptied grocery shelves and gas pumps, and evacuated with their families to escape the storm’s impending wrath. Simultaneously, scientists in other parts of the country were scrambling to produce a landmark study: one that […]

Climate change report: California to see 77 percent more land burned, SoCal to lose beaches

by Kurtis Alexander, SF Chronicle This year’s wildfire season is not the worst that California will see. The number of large fires across the state will likely increase by 50 percent by the end of the century while the amount of land that burns annually will rise 77 percent, according to a new, far-reaching state […]

Tahoe: State of the Lake 2018

by Maddie Maffia, CCP The UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center held their 12th annual State of the Lake Report for the 2017 year this past week in Incline Village, NV. The report summarized the wellbeing of Lake Tahoe from data collected in 2017. In 2017 alone, 11,000,000 data points were gathered and analyzed to […]

Heat, fires, and floods: A tour of the globe’s painful July

by Doyle Rice, USA Today The fierce July that saw monstrous wildfires, record heat and unprecedented flooding across the globe was fueled by man-made climate change, scientists said – and these extremes are likely to become a fact of life. “Overall, globally, what we’ve been seeing is exactly what has been predicted for decades,” said […]