Climate change report: California to see 77 percent more land burned, SoCal to lose beaches

by Kurtis Alexander, SF Chronicle This year’s wildfire season is not the worst that California will see. The number of large fires across the state will likely increase by 50 percent by the end of the century while the amount of land that burns annually will rise 77 percent, according to a new, far-reaching state […]

Tahoe: State of the Lake 2018

by Maddie Maffia, CCP The UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center held their 12th annual State of the Lake Report for the 2017 year this past week in Incline Village, NV. The report summarized the wellbeing of Lake Tahoe from data collected in 2017. In 2017 alone, 11,000,000 data points were gathered and analyzed to […]

Heat, fires, and floods: A tour of the globe’s painful July

by Doyle Rice, USA Today The fierce July that saw monstrous wildfires, record heat and unprecedented flooding across the globe was fueled by man-made climate change, scientists said – and these extremes are likely to become a fact of life. “Overall, globally, what we’ve been seeing is exactly what has been predicted for decades,” said […]

Tiny Fern is the “most economically important” fern on Earth

by Sarah Sloat, Inverse Much like Frodo in The Lord of the Rings, the fern Azolla filiculoides proves that the small can certainly pack a punch. This minuscule water fern, which has leaves the size of a single gnat, is the focus of a new study published in Nature Plants. Scientists say the bright green […]

Renewable energy field’s flourishing brings new careers

by Troy Brynelson, Spokesman It’s not out of the ordinary for drivers near East Mill Plain Boulevard and Grand Boulevard to see people wearing hard hats and climbing gear gathered around a steel tower next to the road. These are students, and their training is actually becoming more common. More students than ever are enrolling […]

Your Food Choices Can Have a Big Climate Impact, So Be Picky, New Study Says

by Georgina Gustin, InsideClimate News When it comes to the climate impacts of our diet, it pays to be particular. One bowl of rice can have six times the climate impact of another. Beer from a bottle can result in more greenhouse gas emissions than beer from a keg. One cup of coffee’s carbon footprint […]

How Oman’s rocks could help save the planet

by Henry Fountain, NY Times IBRA, Oman — In the arid vastness of this corner of the Arabian Peninsula, out where goats and the occasional camel roam, rocks form the backdrop practically every way you look. But the stark outcrops and craggy ridges are more than just scenery. Some of these rocks are hard at […]

Pakistan’s 114 degrees is just one of many all-time March records toppled in Asia

by Angela Fritz, The Washington Post Searing spring heat ripped across parts of Asia in the last days of March, and we now know that many of the extraordinarily high temperatures were indeed records for the month in at least seven countries. The most incredible record was Pakistan’s, where it has never been so hot […]

Let’s limit climate pollutants that don’t last long, but wreak havoc on the Arctic

by Sabrina Shankman, InsideClimate News When people talk about climate change, the focus is often on carbon dioxide, and for good reason. The CO2 pumped into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels today will hang around for centuries, building up over time and continuing to warm the planet. It isn’t the only culprit, though. Mixing […]

The fast-melting Arctic is already messing with the ocean’s circulation, scientists say

by Chris Mooney, The Washington Post Scientists studying a remote and icy stretch of the North Atlantic have found new evidence that fresh water, likely melted from Greenland or Arctic sea ice, may already be altering a key process that helps drives the global circulation of the oceans. In chilly waters on either side of […]