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Action Alert: Sonoma Clean Power Under Attack!

Legislation has been introduced in the CA State Assembly that threatens Sonoma Clean Power and all community choice energy programs in California.

We Must Stop Utilities From Strangling Rooftop Solar

The California Public Utility Commission will soon make decisions that affect the incentives for you to generate your own electricity.

Governor Proposes Cap-and-Trade Program to Fund High-speed Rail

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) wants to take $250 million raised by the state’s cap-and-trade program and put it toward high-speed rail.

Top Climate Scientists Call for Fracking Ban

Letter to Gov. Jerry Brown tells him increased fracking runs counter to his efforts to cut California's greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Protection Video

Offset Your Carbon Impacts

Please do what you can to minimize your carbon footprint. At the same time, you can offset the greenhouse gas impacts of your travel with a contribution to the Climate Protection Campaign. Your donation will help support the implementation of real solutions to the climate crisis. While Congress fails to act, we are creating model programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for communities everywhere.