Volvo’s coming all-electric semi will compete with Tesla’s

by Megan Guess, Arstechnica

On Wednesday, Volvo Trucks North America announced that in 2019 it will demonstrate an all-electric Volvo semi truck, which it expects to go into production in 2020.

The semi will be an all-electric VNR, similar to Volvo’s current diesel VNR model, and it will be used for regional-haul operations as well as drayage (that is, transporting shipping containers from barges to their next mode of transport).

Volvo has announced two other electric vehicles in the past: the Volvo FL Electric, which is a smaller “urban transport” truck, as well as the recently announced Volvo FE, an all-electric garbage truck. The VNR will be built using the same motor and battery system as the Volvo FE. In its press release, Volvo stressed its company-wide electric capabilities, saying that its sister company, Volvo Buses, “has sold more than 4,000 electrified buses since 2010.”

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