Video participants

Ai-Chu Wu Doron Amiran Maitreyi Siruguri
Ann Hancock Gisselle Aquilera Martha Kowalick
Ardath Lee Jane Bender Naomi Lossy
Barbara Moulton Jim McGreen Ross Markey
Brigid Ahern John Garn Rusty Klassen
Carl Mears Ken Roberts Sam Perry
Catherine Sharp Kim Clement Stacey Lawson
Clay Clement Kirsten Austin Tom Helm
Connie Codding Larry Robinson Xochitl Anceno
Dhruva Kaashyap Lawrence Jaffe
Dick Dowd Lindsay Austin

Please support our efforts to innovate and deliver climate solutions.  You + Climate = Solutions!

The Script

The time is right. Jim McGreen
Tomorrow may be too late. Carl Mears
Yesterday is in the past, and that’s OK. Brigid Ahern
But today. Right now. Martha Kowalick
The time is right Larry Robinson
To be a climate game-changer. Kim and Clay Clement
We can change the conversation John Garn
We can create a secure future Maitreyi and Dhruva Siruguri
We can decide the rules Rusty Klassen
That keep our planet livable Ross Markey
That keep our children safe Carl and Naomi Mears
That keep our plants and wildlife diverse Gisselle Aquilera
That keep our businesses thriving, Connie Codding
We can find the balance. Ardath Lee
And we must, today. Catherine Sharp
Climate change is redefining our society, Lawrence Jaffe
Reshaping our environment, our economy, our everything. Ross Markey
With your help, your leadership and your support, Lindsay Austin
Not just money but ideas, energy, contacts and inspiration, Stacey Lawson
We can pull off something fantastic Doron Amiran
Solutions exist and they’re within reach. Dick Dowd
Let’s invest in renewable energy. Ai-Chu Wu
Let’s support climate advocates in government. Jane Bender
Let’s support a price on carbon. Barbara Moulton and Tom Helm
Let’s vote with our dollars. Kim and Clay Clement
Let’s inspire the next generation of leaders. Stacey Lawson
Let’s promote choice and competition in energy. Ardath Lee
Let’s light up a future free of fossil fuels. Lawrence
Future generations are calling us. Ann Hancock
To take action today. Jim McGreen
Every one of us must engage in the solution. Maitreyi and Dhruva Siruguri
Will you contribute your passion? Samantha Perry
Your intelligence? Your dollars? Your time? Ken Roberts
Help us implement community scale solutions Ai-Chu Wu
That will revolutionize our relationship to energy. Rusty Klassen
The time is right. Xochitl Anceno
Let’s work together. John Garn
Let’s invest in solutions. Catherine Sharp and Ken Roberts


Produced by the Center for Climate Production

  • Written by Niki Woodard
  • Filmed by Laurie-Ann Barbour and Niki Woodard
  • Edited by Niki Woodard