Do You Have EV Envy?

by Niki Woodard   |  September 30, 2015 Do you have EV Envy? I sure do. Having recently paid off my car, I’m working to keep my envy at bay, which is difficult when part of your job description is to tout the benefits of electric vehicles. They’re so quiet and good-looking and zoomy. They […]

Drive Electric Day at Coddingtown: Charged with Excitement!

Dozens of makes and models of electric vehicles were available for inspection and even a quick spin around the block on September 13 at “Drive Electric Day” at Coddingtown Mall in Santa Rosa. The event is part of the larger national “Drive Electric Week,” now in its 5th year, with events occurring all across the […]

Electric Vehicle Adoption Predicted to Soar

Press Release, Center for Climate Protection |  August 31, 2015 The Center for Climate Protection released today a white paper assessing the status, progress, and benefits of electric vehicle (EV) adoption in Sonoma County. The paper also provides several recommendations to accelerate EV adoption as one of the best opportunities to reduce greenhouse (GHG) emissions […]

EVs: Closing the Gap between Eco-friendly and Economical

by Barry Vesser  |   Posted June 23, 2015 OK, so I work for the Center for Climate Protection. You might be thinking, “Of course he bought an EV.” But actually, it was a long time coming, and I ended up with what is more accurately described as a transition vehicle.  I did this because […]

Local Action Moves the Car World

Yesterday’s announcement of new federal miles per gallon standards has rightly been hailed as the biggest thing the White House has ever done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Let me also say: “It’s about damn time, and kudos to the states for taking the lead.” In 1984, Ronald Reagan was running for a second term. […]