WHAT is Real-time Ridesharing?

Typical features of a real-time ridesharing service include:

  • Ride matches can be made even a few minutes before departure
  • Drivers can offset the costs of car ownership
  • Riders save money compared to driving alone
  • Users can filter matches based on gender or affiliation
  • Riders and drivers provide ratings of each other

HOW does this work?

We work with groups including employers, higher education institutions and cities. Pilot participants are helping to establish a functioning community of riders and drivers and receive rewards for using the system. The goal is to build a sustainable marketplace for empty seats.

The technical capability for this pilot involves a new breed of smartphone and web applications. These give users access to the marketplace, along with transit and other options, at any point in their day.

WHO is involved?

This pilot in Sonoma, Marin and Contra Costa counties is funded by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Climate Initiative Program. In Sonoma County, the Climate Protection Campaign is implementing the pilot under the Sonoma County Transportation Authority.

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