Adaptation and Reduction – Letter to the Editor – Press Democrat by Barry Vesser

Thank you for publishing comments from Jack Hayes, National Weather Service (“In 2012, let’s plan for worst weather”). Hayes calls for us to prepare for extreme weather events. Adaptation to greenhouse gas impacts from emissions we’ve already put in the atmosphere is a prudent, minimum response in the wake of record weather disasters this year.  Unfortunately, […]

News Release: Governor Brown signs SB 790 supporting local clean power

  For Immediate Release                                                                        Contact: Woody Hastings Climate Protection Campaign October 10, 2011                                                                                (707) 525-1665 x117     A Boost for Local Clean Power from Sacramento Governor Brown signs SB 790 supporting community-based energy programs   On Oct. 8 Governor Brown signed legislation, Senate Bill (SB) 790, that will significantly improve the ability of […]

Special joint presentation of the Climate Protection Campaign and Pepperwood Preserve

Climate change, birds and the role of conservation in securing our future Ellie M. Cohen, CEO and President, PRBO Conservation Science Friday, June 3, 7:00pm (Facility opens at 6 pm for building tours and exhibit viewing.) Dwight Center, 2130 Pepperwood Preserve Road, Santa Rosa, (707) 591-9310 Please join us at Pepperwood to hear Ellie Cohen present the […]

Local Annual Conference: Preserving Agriculture in the Face of Climate Change

May 26 Join leaders from Sonoma County government, business and the community at large for “Climate Protection: Everybody Profits” in Petaluma. This year’s theme is “Food, Farming and You: Addressing the Pickle We Are In.” For a full program and registration>

Factory Farms or Grass-raised Animals – 10/14/10

Oct 14th at 7 PM at the Jackson Theater a panel of experts will explore “Factory Farms or Grass-raised Animals?” Dan Imhoff, who has a new book, CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories will speak about the business and agricultural practices of CAFOs and lead the panel discussion on local alternatives to factory raised […]

Climate e-News – Do Something

Stop Prop 23 Join the opposition to Prop 23. Over 30 cities including Los Angeles and Sacramento, hundreds of business leaders, and many public officials to oppose Proposition 23, the deceptively titled “California Jobs Initiative.” A whopping 97% of funds come from the oil industry, with most from two large out-of-state oil companies, Valero and […]

Invitation: Quarryhill Gardens, Climate Protection Campaign event, Oct.2

Upcoming events Fall Fundraiser at the Quarryhill Botanical Garden You are invited to join the Climate Protection Campaign on Saturday, October 2nd to discover a hidden gem in Sonoma County, the beautiful Quarryhill Botanical Garden. Enjoy a guided tour of one of the largest collections of wild-collected Asian plants in the world. Learn from expert […]

Building a Prosperous and Livable Community

September 20 at 7:30 AM the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy’s 6th annual symposium “Building a Prosperous and Livable Community.” For Details >

Chairs to Donate?

Our conference room contains a hodgepodge of different chairs. While we revel in diversity, some of them are a little long in the tooth. If you have chairs that are in good condition, suitable for a conference room, and are willing to donate them, please contact Lora – or (707) 525-1665 x114.

Doing something after Prop 16

Prop. 16- “It is not enough to be against something” Op-ed: “Sonoma County voters rejected PG&E’s initiative by 66 percent, signaling this community’s readiness for bolder steps toward energy independence. Leading up to the vote, the county and all Sonoma cities except Windsor passed resolutions opposing Proposition 16. But it’s not enough to be against […]