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Why Minnesota’s community solar program is the best

by John Farrell, Clean Technica I’ve been asked a lot of questions about Minnesota’s community solar program over the past couple years and it’s time to make one thing clear: Minnesota’s program is the best in the country. Why? Because there 10 times more community solar projects in the queue — 400 megawatts — in […]

Is 100% renewable energy doable?

With the publication of a study by Mark Z. Jacobson of Stanford University, the push for 100% renewables is seeing renewed fervor.  A group of U.S. Mayors just announced that they will back 100% renewable energy targets, and Senator Kevin de León recently introduced a new bill, SB100, to establish an overall state target of 100% clean […]

Solar manufacturers versus installers – who wins and loses with tariffs?

The below article by Eric Wesoff and Stephen Lacey of Greentech Media points to the tension between the solar panel manufacturing industry and the solar installation industry in the U.S. Solar installers in the U.S. benefit greatly from cheaper imported panels, while U.S. manufacturers may suffer, creating pressure to implement a tariff.  Solar costs are hitting […]

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50-acre solar rooftop installation up and running in San Pedro

by Elijah Chiland, LA Curbed Los Angeles—where the sun shines three out of every four days per year—is now home to one of the largest rooftop solar installations ever constructed. On Monday, Mayor Eric Garcetti toured the recently completed Westmont Solar Rooftop project in San Pedro, a 2 million-square-foot arrangement of solar panels that is […]

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100% renewables plan has ‘significant shortcomings,’ say climate and energy experts

by Julian Spector, Greentech Media It’s a common claim from advocates: We know we can create a 100 percent renewable grid, because Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson said we can. Jacobson’s peer-reviewed studies assert that it is possible to convert all energy use in the U.S. to wind, water and solar — while maintaining grid reliability, […]

photo: Day Street Apartments, Tujunga, Derek Huntington, Promise Energy Inc.

California Energy Commissioner says renewables are safe and reliable for the grid

The following op-ed from the San Francisco Chronicle was written by California Energy Commissioner David Hochschild and David Olsen, a member of the California Independent System Operator Board of Governors: In 1986, President Ronald Reagan famously removed solar panels from the White House roof, capping a misguided energy policy that severely slashed investment in renewable […]


88,000 American solar jobs are under threat from Suniva’s trade case

by Stephen Lacey, Greentech Media There are more than 250,000 people working in America’s solar industry today. A trade case now underway could kill a third of those jobs in one fell swoop, according to the leading national solar trade group. When Georgia-based solar manufacturer Suniva filed for bankruptcy this spring, it issued a special trade […]

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California’s wholesale distributed solar program is in trouble. Will regulators finally fix it?

by Chris Warren, Greentech Media Freeman Hall had good reason to be enthusiastic when California’s tariff for wholesale distributed generation was launched in 2013. A co-founder and president of Los Angeles-based Solar Electric Solutions, Hall’s company already had plenty of experience with the kind of projects that the incentive — called the Renewable Market Adjusting […]

California Independent System Operator

California and Canada are teaming up to fight climate change — again

by Sammy Roth, Desert Sun As President Donald Trump dithers on the fate of the Paris climate deal, California and other western states are banding together to reduce carbon emissions and save hundreds of millions of dollars — and now a Canadian province will join them. British Columbia’s main electric utility said Tuesday it will join the Energy Imbalance […]

How New York is building the renewable energy grid of the future

by Leslie Kaufman, Inside Climate News This is a story of ripping up old incentives that encouraged selling as much electricity as possible, then unleashing the entrepreneurs. New York State is making a $5 billion bet that by making its power cleaner, it can become a magnet for the clean energy jobs of the future. Its efforts […]