Arguments against wind, solar power don’t add up

Press Democrat:  By Geof Syphers and Carl Mears, June 18, 2011 “Robert Bryce’s conclusions about solar and wind in his attack on California’s renewable energy standards are dead wrong (“When wind and solar power don’t add up,” Sunday Forum, June 12). First, his assumption that solar power requires large centralized systems located in far away […]

State Senator Leno Moves to Protect Community Power

In June 2010 PG&E spent millions dollars to pass Prop 16. This initiative was designed to shackle the state law that allows local jurisdictions to establish Community Choice Aggregation. CCA empowers local communities to develop renewable energy and create more competition in the utility market. State Senator Mark Leno has authored SB 790, a bill […]

Middletown Days

June 18 Middletown Days – Calpine Sponsoring A Day at The Middletown Days Rodeo and offering free guided bus tours of The Geysers Departing From Calpine’s Visitors Center 12 p.m. – 3 p.m. For more info>

Calpine hosting free guided bus tours of The Geysers

June 10 Calpine hosting free guided bus tours of The Geysers departing from Geyserville from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm. For more info>

Study Shows Natural Gas Fracking More Harmful than Coal

“Natural gas may be a marginally cleaner fossil fuel than coal, but obtaining it through the processing of fracking turns out to be more damaging to the climate than coal ever was. Fracking is a process that splits deposits of natural gas deep underground, using high pressure chemicals. A new study at Cornell has revealed […]

Increasing Local Renewable Energy

Woody Hastings, Renewable Energy Implementation Manager at the Climate Protection Campaign, described Sonoma County’s studies and plans for increasing local renewable energy at the second annual “Clean Power Healthy Communities” conference in Oakland on March 18. The conference drew over 100 people and was sponsored by the Local Clean Energy Alliance, a coalition of Bay […]

Campaign Organizes Tour of the Geysers

Thanks to our partners at Calpine, last week the Campaign loaded up a bus with local elected officials, business sponsors and colleagues and took the windy road up to the Geysers. The Geysers is the world’s single largest geothermal resource for electrical generation and supplies 25% of California’s renewable energy. Calpine Corporation owns and operates […]

Wind Power: China Leads – Can the U.S Keep Up?

China leapfrogs U.S. wind power industry – LA Times January 24, 2011 by Tiffany Hsu “Chinese turbines are now harnessing more wind power than machines installed in the U.S., according to a trade group Monday.” For complete article >

Is Coal a “Dead Man Walking?”

Washington Post ran an article recently, “Coal’s burnout: Have investors moved on to cleaner energy sources?” by Steven Mufsons: “The headline news for the coal industry in 2010 was what didn’t happen: Construction did not begin on a single new coal-fired power plant in the United States for the second straight year…This in a nation […]

Senate Hearing Exposes Obstruction to Community Power

On November 9th, Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) held a hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Renewable Energy in San Rafael. The purpose of the hearing was to gather testimony on the status and obstacles of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). CCA allows communities to procure greener electricity than is offered by private utilities such […]