Ann Hancock addresses CPUC 4-6-17

Community speaks up for Community Choice at California Public Utilities Commission meeting on April 6 in Santa Rosa

Community speaks up for Community Choice at California Public Utilities Commission meeting on April 6 in Santa Rosa Half of the thirty-two people who spoke at the April 6 meeting of the California Public Utilities Commission spoke in support of Community Choice Energy and/or Sonoma Clean Power. A strong showing of support for Community Choice. Ann […]

Peninsula Clean Energy Inks Deal for 200 MW of New Solar

REDWOOD CITY – On January 26th, the Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) board of directors approved a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) for 20 years to purchase the output from a new 200 MW solar photovoltaic power plant to be built in Merced County. This is enough solar energy to power over 75,000 average California households. […]

California Public Utilities Commission: Community Choice Energy has arrived

California electricity regulators are taking notice of Community Choice Energy. Perhaps they are concerned about the rapid growth of Community Choice Energy and want to gain control. Or perhaps they are excited about the way Community Choice has been stimulating clean power innovation and want to help it along. Whatever the motivations, on February 1st, 2017 […]

We help drive the clean energy economy forward

The Center for Climate Protection (CCP) developed the Business for Clean Energy (BCE) program six years ago because we believe that business drives innovation and can play a crucial role in helping to address the climate crisis. The BCE program provides a network and resources to support our members in incorporating sustainability into their businesses […]

Community Choice Energy is a powerful rapidly spreading movement

As 2016 draws to a close, Community Choice Energy has spread to 26 out of 58 counties and over 300 cities in California as either operational, on track for launch of service, or at some stage of evaluation. Community Choice Energy has clearly become a powerful and rapidly spreading movement. The Center for Climate Protection […]

American climate attitudes, global response, and what works

The Center for Climate Protection (CCP) has operated for years on the premise that local control of energy resources is key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. This is specifically because of the uncertainty of action at the federal level as the political tables turn at election times. CCP has coupled this tactic […]

The EVs are Coming

The electric transportation future is coming to Sonoma County, and it is coming quickly. Currently, the County has more than 3,400 electric cars on the road, which is approaching 1% of the total light vehicle fleet. And help is on the way. Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) recently approved a budget for the next fiscal year. […]

May Day!  May Day!  May Day!

by Margaret Spaulding, CCP supporter This call has been used to signal a life-threatening emergency, primarily by aviators and mariners. On this past May Day (May 1), a glorious Sunday in Sonoma County, a group of climate protection supporters gathered to celebrate progress reigning in greenhouse gases and to share concerns about the need to […]

Introducing Community Choice Energy in Tulare County

Earlier this year, the Center for Climate Protection began working in the San Joaquin Valley to plant the seeds of Community Choice energy. On April 8, we were invited by the Fresno State Office of Community and Economic Development to present at the Clean Energy Summit about the benefits of Community Choice. In a breakout […]