Dakota Access company bought up dozens of anti-pipeline URLs

by Chris D’Angelo, Grist Texas-based pipeline giant Energy Transfer Partners went on a website-buying spree after months of fierce public protest over its Dakota Access Pipeline, nabbing dozens of URLs it expected pipeline opponents might use to target the company’s other projects. The damage-control effort is related to several ongoing operations, including the company’s $4.2 […]

Burger King’s Impossible Whopper arrives in the San Francisco Bay Area

By Chris Albrecht, The Spoon Burger King’s Impossible Whopper will arrive at more than 100 of its locations across the San Francisco Bay Area today, according to various reports. This is the first West Coast arrival of BK’s hip, meatless burger, and part of the fast food chain’s national expansion of the Impossible Whopper after […]

It’s easy to be tricked by a climate denier

by Willard MacDonald, Medium I was compelled to write this article when my father sent me the book Inconvenient Facts — The Science that Al Gore Doesn’t Want You to Know by Gregory Wrightstone. He said it contained compelling arguments for why climate change is not really a problem and, in fact, demonstrates that we are being […]

Forbes: Toxic masculinity may also be toxic for the planet

by Carolyn Centeno Milton, Forbes When a person walks out of the grocery store holding an eco-friendly canvas bag instead of a plastic bag, what gender do you think they are? Most likely, your unconscious bias answers that they are female. This is the type of answer Dr. Aaron Brough of Utah State University is […]

Trump’s order to open Arctic waters to oil drilling was unlawful, federal judge finds

by Coral Davenport, NY Times In a major legal blow to President Trump’s push to expand offshore oil and gas development, a federal judge ruled that an executive order by Mr. Trump that lifted an Obama-era ban on oil and gas drilling in the Arctic Ocean and parts of the North Atlantic coast was unlawful. […]

Owning a car will soon be as quaint as owning a horse

by Kara Swisher, NY Times I will die before I buy another car. I don’t say that because I am particularly old or sick, but because I am at the front end of one of the next major secular trends in tech. Owning a car will soon be like owning a horse — a quaint […]

How a 7th-grader’s strike against climate change exploded into a movement

by Sarah Kaplan, Washington Post On the ninth Friday of her strike, 13-year-old Alexandria Villasenor wakes to a dozen emails, scores of Twitter notifications and good news from the other side of the planet: Students in China want to join her movement. Every week since December, the seventh-grader has made a pilgrimage to the United […]

Landmark California legislation encourages climate-friendly, plant-based school lunch options

by Friends of the Earth Yesterday, Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian (D-Van Nuys) introduced landmark legislation incentivizing K-12 public schools across the state to offer healthier, climate-friendly lunch options. Under AB 479, the Healthy, Climate-friendly School Lunch Act, schools would receive additional state funding for serving a plant-based entree and plant-based milk. The bill is co-sponsored by […]

The truth about big oil and climate change

by Economist In america, the world’s largest economy and its second biggest polluter, climate change is becoming hard to ignore. Extreme weather has grown more frequent. In November wildfires scorched California; last week Chicago was colder than parts of Mars. Scientists are sounding the alarm more urgently and people have noticed—73% of Americans polled by […]

Lessons for climate-friendly behavior change – from Marketing 101

by Nathanael Johnson, Grist You probably would’ve never heard of the fuzzy little fruit known as the kiwi if it hadn’t had a Norma Jean Mortenson moment and changed its name from “Chinese gooseberry.” Same with avocado, which achieved superstardom after dropping the name “alligator pear.” Can you imagine millennials emptying their bank accounts to […]