Greenhouse gases are wreaking havoc on the planet. What if they could be used for good?

by Evan Halper, LA Times When Gaurav Sant thinks about how the planet might dodge catastrophic climate change, at the front of his mind are not solar panels or wind turbines or electric cars. It’s cement. Sant spiritedly talks of how cement production is exhausting the Earth, accounting for an absurd share of the greenhouse […]

CleanPowerSF now providing new Salesforce tower with 100 percent renewable electricity

by CalCCA Salesforce Tower, the tallest office building west of the Mississippi, has joined CleanPowerSF, the City’s growing community choice energy program. CleanPowerSF signed the new Salesforce Tower earlier this summer, shortly after the iconic building officially opened its doors. As a SuperGreen customer, the new Salesforce Tower, managed by Boston Properties, is sourcing 100 […]

The offices are greener in Chicago for a second straight year

by Emily Chasan, Bloomberg Chicago is the greenest U.S. city to work in for the second year running, with about 70 percent of its office space now certified for environmental efficiency, a new study shows. The Windy City’s percentage of green offices is up from about 66 percent last year, placing it ahead of San […]

Aliso Canyon gas leak settlement: Too little too late

by Tony Barboza, LA Times A $119.5-million settlement announced Wednesday of claims stemming from the Aliso Canyon gas leak marks the biggest action yet to deal with the health effects and climate damage of the largest release of methane in U.S. history. The deal between Southern California Gas Co. and city, county and state officials […]

Americans waste nearly half their food. How can we reduce food waste in New Jersey?

by James M. O’Neill, NorthJersey Each year, the average family of four in America throws $1,800 in the garbage. Not in cash. In moldy vegetables. In uneaten hamburgers. In leftovers from the local pub. A scourge besets the United States: the rampant waste of food. In this country, we throw out more than 1,250 calories […]

China restarts coal plant construction after two-year freeze

by Feng Hao, Climate Change News Analysis by CoalSwarm estimates that 46.7 gigawatts of new and restarted coal-fired power construction is visible based on satellite imagery supplied by Planet Labs. The coal-fired power plants are either generating power or will soon be operational. If all the plants reach completion they would increase China’s coal-fired power […]

Turning Trump’s trade war into a tool to fight climate change

by Sabrina Shankman, InsideClimate News As the Trump administration’s trade war heats up, a group of experts is proposing a new way to counter protectionism—and prod the United States back into climate action at the same time. In a commentary in the journal Nature, the team of trade and climate policy experts called for a […]

Greenhouse gas reductions are good for the economy – history shows us

by The Editorial Board, NY Times People often notice big, sudden price changes — like, say, when an avocado shortage sends the cost spiraling up at their local grocery. It can be harder to keep track of what happens to the cost of an essential product or service over the course of years. There has […]

UK passes 1,000 hrs of 100% renewable energy

by Adam Vaughan, The Guardian Britain has been powered for more than a thousand hours without coal this year, in a new milestone underscoring how the polluting fuel’s decline is accelerating. The UK’s last eight coal power plants staged a brief revival when the “beast from the east” pushed up gas prices earlier this year, […]

IBM obsesses over energy efficiency

by Heather Clancy, Greenbiz If you think your organization has done all it can to cut back its power consumption, think again. IBM has had a formal energy conservation program in place for almost 45 years, and it’s still finding many ways annually to squeeze its electricity usage. During 2017 alone, the $36.5 billion cloud […]