California set a goal of 100% clean energy, and now other states may follow its lead

by Sammy Roth, LA Times It’s been less than four months since California committed to getting all of its electricity from climate-friendly sources by 2045. But the idea is already catching on in other states. At least nine governors taking their oaths of office this month, from Nevada to Michigan to New York, campaigned on […]

U.S. carbon pollution surged in 2018, after years of stasis

by Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic Carbon-dioxide emissions from the United States spiked sharply in 2018, bucking a three-year trend and making it more likely that the country will fail to meet its promises under the Paris Agreement on climate change, according to a preliminary analysis published Tuesday. The new study—written by the Rhodium Group, an […]

In landmark agreement, Mass., eight other states vow to cut transportation emissions

by David Abel, Boston Globe In a landmark agreement to address climate change, Massachusetts and eight other Northeastern and mid-Atlantic states have agreed to create a system to impose regionwide limits on transportation emissions, the nation’s largest source of carbon pollution. Under the agreement, announced Tuesday, the states, which extend as far south as Virginia, […]

Investors managing $32 trillion in assets call for action on climate change

by Simon Jessop, Reuters Global investors managing $32 trillion in assets have called on governments to accelerate steps to combat climate change, as policymakers meet for talks at a United Nations conference in Poland. A total of 415 investors from across the world including UBS Asset Management and Aberdeen Standard Investments signed the 2018 Global […]

COP24, the New Round of Global Climate Talks, Has Begun. We Answer Three Key Questions.

by Brad Plumer, NY Times With the world still struggling to get global warming under control, diplomats from nearly 200 countries are scheduled to meet in Poland over the next two weeks to try to put global climate negotiations back on track. The focus of the meeting? To hammer out a key set of rules […]

Electric heat pumps can slash heating emissions by more than half in California homes

by Justin Gerdes, Greentech Media California aims to be carbon-neutral by 2045. Any path to get there will require decarbonizing the state’s buildings. According to a new Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) study, published in the Electricity Journal, electric heat pumps should be part of any long-term building decarbonization strategy in California. “If you purchase […]

Two million Australian households now have rooftop solar

by Sophie Vorrath, One Step Off The Grid One of Australia’s hottest renewable energy sectors, residential solar, has chalked up another major milestone, with the number of households to have installed rooftop PV passing the two million-mark. The achievement, notched up last week, was announced by the Clean Energy Council on Monday – around five […]

Betting on a new way to make concrete that doesn’t pollute

by Stanley Reed, NY Times Just after sunrise, a concrete plant located in a muddy industrial zone north of London stirs to life. Workers in orange suits and hard hats watch through a protective window as a machine presses what looks like red sand into a tray of brick-shaped blocks. Further along the line, other […]

The Green New Deal: How to fix the economy without breaking the planet

by Grist We’ve all heard the excuse that fighting climate change will cost jobs. But a handful of politicians are rebutting that argument with a new package of policies that pairs labor programs with climate action. It’s called the Green New Deal, and you can learn all about it in our Green New Video. Read […]

Big Oil v the planet is the fight of our lives. Democrats must choose a side

by David Sirota, The Guardian The world’s leading scientists issued a report warning of total planetary dystopia unless we take immediate steps to seriously reduce carbon emissions. Then, oil and gas corporations dumped millions of dollars into the 2018 elections to defeat the major initiatives that could have slightly reduced fossil fuel use. Though you […]