It’s not just Facebook and Google buying clean power anymore

by Brian Eckhouse, Bloomberg Companies don’t have to be as big as Walmart Inc. or Facebook Inc. to buy solar or wind power anymore. Businesses with more modest appetites for electricity — including Swiss Re AG, Nestle SA and others — are increasingly banding together to line up deals for clean power, broadening a market […]

SVCE signs major contracts for California’s largest solar-plus-storage projects

by Silicon Valley Clean Energy Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) signed two long-term agreements for the largest utility-scale, solar-plus-storage projects to be built in California. The two projects will provide 153 megawatts (MW) of solar and 47 MW of storage and will be developed by EDF Renewables North America and Recurrent Energy Development Holdings, LLC. […]

Carbon dioxide emissions from the U.S. power sector have declined 28% since 2005

by U.S. Energy Information Administration U.S. electric power sector carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) have declined 28% since 2005 because of slower electricity demand growth and changes in the mix of fuels used to generate electricity. EIA has calculated that CO2 emissions from the electric power sector totaled 1,744 million metric tons (MMmt) in 2017, the […]

3 ways to create a climate change investment strategy

by Paul Sullivan, NY Times The United Nations released a sobering report on climate change this month, stating that the Earth is warming faster than even scientists thought and that without far-reaching action, the planet is likely to warm to a dangerous level by 2040. Scientist have been sounding the alarm about global warming for […]

South Bronx teens get creative about climate change

by Paola Rosa-Aquino, Grist On a recent fall afternoon in the South Bronx, a cadre of high schoolers, teenagers, and community members carefully applied colorful splotches of paint to an empty brick wall overlooking International Community High School. Stroke by stroke, their designs began to form: long, green grass. A blazing yellow sun. And to […]

Planning matters: Budget time and money for your favorite causes

by Grist A recent Atlantic article argued that Donald Trump’s election has been a really good thing for U.S. civic engagement, which has been on a steep decline for decades. For too long, too many of us were content to stay home and binge the latest Netflix show instead of getting out there and interacting […]

Sonoma Clean Power partners with Uber to bring electric vehicle incentives to their drivers

by Kate Kelly, Sonoma Clean Power Uber is most well-known for its on-demand rideshare app that connects riders with available drivers. The app has since expanded to offer multiple modes of transportation within one app. Uber recently announced its EV Champions Initiative, a pilot program to deliver at least 5 million EV rides over the […]

Generators were making Puerto Ricans sick after Hurricane Maria. So Monxo Lopez built a solution.

by Justine Calma, Grist Between dropping off his daughter at kindergarten and teaching classes at New York City’s Hunter College, Monxo Lopez ducked into his office and opened up his go-to Reddit thread, Solar/DIY. He scanned the latest posts, mostly made by survivalists and doomsday preppers. Lopez, however, was neither of these. A Bronx-based political […]

Climate change will cost U.S. more in economic damage than any other country but one

by Stacy Morford, InsideClimate News The United States stands to lose a lot more from climate change than it realizes. In a study published Monday, scientists estimate for the first time how much each country around the world will suffer in future economic damage from each new ton of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere. […]

California universities are transitioning to all-electric buildings

by Justin Gerdes, Greentech Media With governments squeezing carbon out of their power grids, zero-emission buildings will emerge as an important tool for reaching carbon neutrality by mid-century. It’s already happening in California. Two of the state’s universities, the University of California and Stanford University, are taking new steps to eliminate carbon emissions in their […]