Trump might limit states’ say in offshore drilling plan. Here’s how

by Anna M. Phillips and Rosanna Xia, LA Times When President Trump proposed opening nearly the entire U.S. coastline to more offshore oil and gas drilling, the backlash from states seeking exemptions was swift. Governors, Republican and Democratic, and state legislatures up and down the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines protested so vigorously that the administration […]

Local elections for building standards are an overlooked tool for climate

by Justin Gillis, NY Times One of the great achievements of politics in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was the spread of effective building codes that made our buildings safer and sturdier, and our cities less likely to burn down. For the last couple of decades we have been using those building codes […]

How utilities are putting ‘smart’ thermostats to work

by Dan Gearino, InsideClimate News Imagine a hot day. So hot the New England power grid can’t keep up with electricity demand. In a control room somewhere, a worker presses a few buttons that send a signal to thousands of wi-fi enabled thermostats to reduce air conditioning and allow the heat to rise a few […]

It’s time for California to get out of the oil business

by Judith Lewis Mernit, Sierra Club In the late 1920s, the Methodist Community Church of Santa Fe Springs, California, was going broke. The town’s pious, churchgoing farmers had leased their land to oil companies and fled to the coast to escape the industrial blight, and the roughnecks who replaced them weren’t exactly the tithing kind. […]

One thing you can do: Think dairy

by Tik Root, NY Times We’ve known for a while that many animal products have an outsize environmental footprint. But which ones have the most impact? It might not be news to you that the world’s beef production creates the most planet-warming emissions over all. But the next item on the list, according to one […]

Trump administration, getting set for a major rollback, ends clean air talks with California

by Lisa Friedman and Hiroko Tabuchi, NY Times The Trump administration, setting the stage to move forward with one of its most consequential climate-policy rollbacks, announced Thursday that it had decided to scrap negotiations with California over the president’s plan to undo Obama-era fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks. The move makes a […]

Planting 1.2 trillion trees could cancel out a decade of CO2 emissions, scientists find

by Yale Environment 360 There is enough room in the world’s existing parks, forests, and abandoned land to plant 1.2 trillion additional trees, which would have the CO2 storage capacity to cancel out a decade of carbon dioxide emissions, according to a new analysis by ecologist Thomas Crowther and colleagues at ETH Zurich, a Swiss […]

Portland General Electric set to build 1st-of-its-kind renewable energy site

by Courtney Flatt, OPB Eastern Oregon may soon be home to a next-generation renewable energy project. Portland General Electric is making plans to build the country’s first large-scale energy facility that combines wind turbines, solar panels and battery storage. It’s that combination of renewable energy and battery storage that the company said could be one […]

Re-thinking personal travel plans: a no fly zone

On December 20, 2018, my wife and I watched an interview of fifteen year-old Greta Thunberg and her TED talk about the climate crisis. In the moments afterward, we realized that we could no longer justify flying. The power of this young person’s voice is overwhelming. If you have not listened yet to Greta’s TED […]

As Congress launches month of climate hearings, GOP bashes Green New Deal

by Nicholas Kusnetz and John H. Cushman Jr., InsideClimate News With Democrats now in charge, two key committees in the U.S. House of Representatives used their first hearings of the year on Wednesday to press for more vigorous action on climate change, despite the political and practical hurdles. Democrats and their witnesses, including governors, policy […]