Pruitt bars some scientists from advising E.P.A.

by Lisa Friedman, NY Times WASHINGTON — Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, stripped a half-dozen scientists and academics of advisory positions Tuesday and issued new rules barring anyone who receives E.P.A. grant money from serving on panels that counsel the agency on scientific decisions. The move will effectively bar a large […]

The U.S. solar industry’s new growth region: Trump country

by Nichola Groom, Reuters LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – President Donald Trump’s administration has vowed to revive the coal industry, challenged climate-change science and blasted renewable energy as expensive and dependent on government subsidies. And yet the solar power industry is booming across Trump country, fueled by falling development costs and those same subsidies, which many Republicans […]

North America’s global centres of excellence in building

by Roy L Hales, The Eco Report The United Nations endorsed Passive House as a global standard at the recent North American Passive House Network conference in Oakland, California. Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed described Passive House as a model for the developing world, “where millions await the basics of a quality controlled environment” and […]

‘Great news for the climate’ as banking giant ditches tar sands, arctic drilling

by Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams  In a move being hailed as a win for the climate, banking giant BNP Paribas announced Wednesday that it is severing ties with companies whose main business is connected to shale and/or oil from tar sands, will stop financing transportation projects for such fuels, and will not finance any oil or gas […]

As Trump retreats, states are joining forces on climate action

by Elizabeth Shogren, Yale Environment 360 Just hours after President Trump’s Rose Garden speech in June announcing plans to withdraw from the 2015 Paris climate agreement, the governors of three states — California, Washington, and New York — announced their remedy. They formed the U.S. Climate Alliance, and called on other states to join them in […]

France to ban oil, gas output on home soil in symbolic step

by Sylvie Corbet, AP News PARIS (AP) — France’s government has unveiled a law to ban all production and exploration of oil and natural gas by 2040 on the country’s mainland and overseas territories. The move is largely symbolic, however, as France’s oil and gas production represents just 1 percent of national consumption — the rest […]

Steel Winds wind farm in Lackawanna, N.Y

States are using social cost of carbon in energy decisions

by Peter Fairly, InsideClimate News The social cost of carbon was an arcane but important tool in the federal climate toolbox until President Donald Trump targeted it in his sweeping March 2017 executive order to weaken climate actions. Now, states are taking up the metric. Policymakers and regulators in several states, including New York, Minnesota, […]

Carbon Emitters

Scrapping climate protections would erase $300 billion in benefits, study finds

by Nicholas Kusnetz, InsideClimate News The Trump administration has been systematically dismantling the nation’s climate change regulations, often claiming a high cost of compliance as justification. But a new study says keeping those rules would actually savenearly $300 billion a year by 2030. “That just gives you a sense of the scale of the impact […]

Google HQ, by romanboed

Corporate clean energy: Not just for Google and Apple anymore

by Katie Fehrenbacher, Greentech Media Some of the first companies in the U.S. to commit to buying clean energy were internet giants, including Google and Apple, which were worried about the massive energy needs of their data centers in coal country. But today, more and more companies across a number of sectors are opting to […]

As the U.S. leaves Paris climate accord, some see shifts in global leadership

by Carol Morello and John Wagner, The Washington Post In ditching the Paris accord on climate change, President Trump has cemented his reputation as the international disrupter in chief with the latest in a string of decisions that foreign policy analysts believe could have profound consequences for U.S. global leadership. The decision to exit the […]