To meet climate goals, California should cut oil production, report says

by Nicholas Kusnetz, InsideClimate News California built a reputation launching some of the most ambitious climate policies in the world, but it’s also a significant oil producer, with the third largest oil production of any state. If it were to eliminate even half of that production, it could cut global carbon dioxide emissions by 8 […]

These Republicans claim climate caucus credentials, but their votes tell another story

by Marianne Lavelle, InsideClimate News The Climate Solutions Caucus was conceived as a bipartisan center of gravity where political pragmatists in the U.S. House might break the logjam over action on global warming. Instead, the caucus is attracting more and more GOP members whose voting records carry a distinct tilt against action on the climate […]

Court says Trump must enforce methane rules

by Timothy Cama, The Hill The Trump administration must start enforcing an Obama administration rule limiting methane leaks from oil and natural gas drilling on federal land, a court ruled. In the late Thursday decision, Judge William Orrick of the District Court for the District of Northern California, granted a preliminary injunction against the Interior […]

236 mayors representing 51 million people urge EPA not to repeal U.S. Clean Power Plan

by Sabrina Shankman, InsideClimate News Hundreds of U.S. mayors, representing one in seven Americans, have told EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt that they need the Clean Power Plan’s emissions rules in order to fight climate change and protect their cities. In a letter released on Tuesday, 236 mayors from 47 states urged Pruitt not to repeal […]

Judge orders Trump’s energy agency to implement climate-change rules for appliances

by Bob Egelko, SF Chronicle A federal judge in San Francisco ordered President Trump’s administration on Thursday to end a one-year delay on rules developed by the Obama administration to combat climate change by tightening energy-efficiency standards for portable air conditioners, building heaters and other appliances. The proposed rules were issued by President Barack Obama’s […]

How Republicans Think About Climate Change — in Maps

by Nadja Popovich And Livia Albeck-ripka, NY Times Over the past two decades, Republicans have grown increasingly doubtful about climate change, even as Democrats have grown increasingly convinced that it’s happening and is caused by humans. But recent research published in the journal Climatic Change reveals greater nuance in partisan climate opinions across the country. […]

The UK carbon tax is working

by Akshat Rathi, Quartz Media LLC In 2012, the UK ranked 20th out of a list of 33 rich countries in terms of low-carbon electricity use. In 2017, it jumped to 7th. No other countryhas ever climbed up the rankings so quickly, according to a study by Imperial College London. How did the UK manage […]

New York’s giant pension fund doubles climate investments

by Nicholas Kusnetz, InsideClimate News America’s third-largest public pension fund is ramping up its climate-savvy investments, New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli announced to global finance leaders on Wednesday. The fund, a huge and influential investor, plans to double its stake to $4 billion in a portfolio of companies that disclose and seek to […]

New Jersey wants to make utilities pay to emit carbon

by Brad Plumer, NY Times WASHINGTON — Even as the Trump administration dismantles climate policies at the federal level, a growing number of Democratic state governors are considering taxing or pricing carbon dioxide emissions within their own borders to tackle global warming. New Jersey took a major step in that direction Monday when newly elected […]

How one teenager got a city to pass new solar rules

by Eileen Mignoni, Yale Climate Connection Rooftop solar panels are becoming a common sight in South Miami, in part because of the efforts of one teen. Eighteen-year-old Miami native Delaney Reynolds is a freshman at the University of Miami. Two years ago, she learned that several cities in California have laws that mandate rooftop solar […]