BCE Logo Dark Blue (1)In 2015, the Center for Climate Protection issued a survey to its Business for Clean Energy members. The following is a summary of the survey results.


1) How satisfied are you with your BCE membership?

60% Very Satisfied
40% Satisfied


2) Please rank these benefits of the BCE program in importance to you.

>> Quarterly breakfast meetings – 5.7
>> Company name in Center for Climate Protection e-newsletters – 4.8
>> Article about your sustainability efforts printed in Center for Climate Protection e-newsletters – 4.5
>> Logo with web link on Center for Climate Protection website – 4.38
>> Article about your sustainability efforts printed in CCP column in North Bay Business Journal – 4.25
>> Company name and logo displayed at all Center for Climate Protection events – 3.8
>> Complimentary tickets and discounted sponsorship to all CCP events – 2.25

Please note some different benefits are available at different levels of membership


3) Would you support BCE being more involved in local and state policy that accelerates the transition to the clean energy economy?

Yes = 100%
No = 0


4) Would your company benefit if the BCE program expanded to other parts of the state?

Yes = 20%
No = 30%
Not Sure = 50%


5) Would you consider a multiple-year membership?

Yes = 56%
No =  0
Not Sure = 44%


6) What topics would you like to be included in the BCE breakfast presentations?  Please list topics and/or suggest speakers.

>> Rising sea level and potential regional impacts and mitigation.
>> Tesla Powerwall presentation.
>> The state of LED lighting and where lighting is headed.
>> Presentation from the Carbon Cycle Institute/Marin Carbon Project.
>> Panel discussion/debate among local political candidates on the environment.
>> New policies around renewables.
>> Grant programs.
>> Electric auto updates.
>> To widen the audience and relevance to more types of businesses, it would be good to talk about the business/economics of clean energy and the bottom line impact for companies.
>> Let one business each meeting have 3-5 minutes to present on a technology/service to support clean business strategy: i.e. lighting, EV, HVAC, etc.
>> National Climate Policy, particularly Revenue Neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation.


Approximately 20% of our total membership responded to the survey.