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The Four Ds of Energy Democracy — Disruptive technology, Distributed power, Decentralization, and Democracy of ownership

In a recent article, the East Coast-based Institute for Local Self-Reliance explains how we can evolve from energy monopoly to Energy Democracy in four steps. The bottom line is that it is all about placing more control in the hands of communities and individuals, resulting in more of the economic benefits of energy to accrue […]

Community speaks up for Community Choice at California Public Utilities Commission meeting on April 6 in Santa Rosa

Community speaks up for Community Choice at California Public Utilities Commission meeting on April 6 in Santa Rosa Half of the thirty-two people who spoke at the April 6 meeting of the California Public Utilities Commission spoke in support of Community Choice Energy and/or Sonoma Clean Power. A strong showing of support for Community Choice. Ann […]

California Public Utilities Commission: Community Choice Energy has arrived

California electricity regulators are taking notice of Community Choice Energy. Perhaps they are concerned about the rapid growth of Community Choice Energy and want to gain control. Or perhaps they are excited about the way Community Choice has been stimulating clean power innovation and want to help it along. Whatever the motivations, on February 1st, 2017 […]

Legislative Session Results 2015/16

Overview During the 2015/16 two-year California legislative session, which came to a close on August 31st, the Center for Climate Protection engaged on several important bills with climate and energy implications. Below is a run-down of some of them, and how they fared in the legislature. Note that at the time of this update, several […]

No escaping the climate crisis, even in paradise (especially in paradise)

Punta Cana, a resort area at the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic, is an over-the-top paradise of white sand, palm trees, turquoise seas, and 24/7 whatever-you-desire, all-inclusive vacation deals. That’s where my wife, our family, and I recently spent five days. While there, we discovered a harsh reality that hides in plain sight in […]