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Renewable Energy

Immense Potential of Clean Energy

How we as a society generate and use energy is directly linked to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Currently, most of our power comes from carbon dioxide-emitting fossil energy, and dangerous nuclear energy. The more rapidly we can transition to cleaner, safer, local renewable energy sources, the more rapidly we will make progress on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar power has been growing, but is nowhere near its capacity. At least 20 percent of our roofs should have solar panels. Wind power is a good option for some carefully selected locations. Sonoma County is blessed with the Geysers geothermal wells, which could produce a majority of our power. We could also be getting power from our waste stream. And we can do much more to modernize our buildings to use less power. Plus, the $225 million we pay every year for electricity currently is a drain on the local economy – it should be employing people and paying for energy projects right here in Sonoma County.

Sonoma Clean Power

SCP_altlayout1One of the top renewable energy priorities of the Center for Climate Protection has been the creation of Sonoma Clean Power, a new power provider focusing on local renewable energy sources. The program has been established in Sonoma County and six of its cities and launched in May 2014.

Sonoma Clean Power on the agenda at Petaluma City Council December 15. Petaluma residents please attend and urge your city council members to vote YES! For more information>

The Center for Climate Protection invites you to join the growing conversation about local energy resource development enabled by Sonoma Clean Power. “Planning Concepts” describes our vision, approach, ideas, and several potential programs that Sonoma Clean Power might initiate to advance a local clean energy economy. It is a living document that we expect to revise over time. Our intent is to help develop and implement the best ideas so that Sonoma Clean Power fulfills the vision and inspires communities around the country. We hope you find “Planning Concepts” helpful as you consider your own energy needs and evaluate the many opportunities presented by Sonoma Clean Power. We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions. SCP Local Resource Planning Concepts – Jan 17

CPC first identified community choice aggregation as a promising means for Sonoma County to rapidly reduce greenhouse gases in a CPC White Paper released in July of 2005.


Renewable Energy Secure Communities (RESCO)

Another top priority of the Center for Climate Protection’s renewable energy program is the Renewable Energy Secure Communities research project. The RESCO program takes a very close look at energy use and renewable energy sources available in Sonoma County and analyzes them to determine how to optimize renewable energy deployment. Its purpose is to develop and demonstrate a model for locally owned, cost-effective renewable energy that helps us meet our greenhouse gas reduction goals. It is a multi-year (2009-2013), multi-partner program funded by the California Energy Commission. For more information visit Sonoma RESCO. Click on the “library” tab on the left for the reports. RESCO Task 5 Report contains the localized energy portfolios for Sonoma County.

Business Letter to Petaluma City Council

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